MLB 2011: Watch the 10 Worst Opening Pitches of All Time

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What do NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki, Grammy winner Mariah Carey, radio personality Adam Carolla and President Barack Obama all have in common?

Well, if you said each one of them threw one of the most horrendous first pitches of all time, you’d be right.

The first pitch is one of America’s favorite pastimes, bringing in local celebrities, notable pop culture icons and political figures to be in the same stadium as the public that loves them.

Look, Dirk may feel like he’s “on top of the iceberg” right now after bringing respect to the Dallas Mavs for taking out the Miami Heat, but there is no excuse for such a bad performance on a Major League Baseball pitcher's mound.

Which pitch is your favorite? Who do you think should be in this video that’s missing?

Watch now as we show you the worst first pitches of all time, and click here to watch more videos from Bleacher Report Productions.

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