WWE Panorama: Discussing CM Punk, John Cena, Vince McMahon and Other Hot Issues

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IIJuly 6, 2011

WWE Panorama: Discussing CM Punk, John Cena, Vince McMahon and Other Hot Issues

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    WWE has sent all the fans in frenzy over past couple of weeks. They have given CM Punk one heck of a push. They have brought Vince McMahon back on our screens.

    Through Vince’s promo, they have put a question mark on John Cena’s “ability” to win, which is quite an unprecedented occurrence. And, all this is happening on the set of unpredictable “Money in the Bank” pay per view.

    In the process of doing it, they pulled few completely unexpected moves. They mentioned taboo words on television. They broke kayfabe. They referred to some facts that had silently faded in the history books. They did not sensor some curse words and showed some intensity that has been missing for quite some time.

    Such a scenario has essentially presented IWC an opportunity to go wild once again. There are too many questions, and there are even more answers, albeit speculated.

    This article will not really try to find answers. It will not be a general review of events; neither would it be a preview. The current scenario has some dimensions that are more significant, in my opinion. Therefore, I will try to concentrate on some hints that have attracted my attention.

    Following is the general outline of topics that we would be discussing in the coming few slides.

    1. 1. Controversy, Reality and Cash.
    2. 2. Significance of the latest Vince McMahon and John Cena segment.
    3. 3. Vince McMahon, a navigator of change
    4. 4. John Cena – An underrated angle of the triangle
    5. 5. Is WWE exploring true potential of PG era
    6. 6. Is WWE listening to audience?

    Now, since our outline is clear, let us begin to roll without any further ado.

Controversy, Reality and Cash

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    I see no reason for rehashing the shoot promo of CM Punk and its potential outcomes. What intrigues me more is the purpose behind creating such a segment.

    Forget for a second that Punk might be leaving. It is immaterial, so to say. That one promo had some interesting elements. Punk made some controversial remarks. They questioned position of Cena, sanity of Vince and mediocrity of the WWE.

    The segment underlined the truth and it created controversy. It blurred the kayfabe to great extent while still kept the script intact. The blend of reality and controversy is the very thing that has propelled WWE to new heights in past.

    It was the head honcho of WCW, Eric Bischoff, who spoke on this recipe the most. But it has been WWE that has actually worked on it at times.

    There is one common element between controversy and reality. It takes abolition of fear to create controversy and to accept reality.

    Fans and pundits have often blamed WWE of holding back things and lacking the guts of real Vince McMahon. It is true if we revise the past few years. But, for once, WWE seems to shredding these inhibitions.

    We will have to take a look at our next point, to make these points crystal clear.

Significance of the Latest Vince McMahon and John Cena Segment

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    To me, this was the segment of this year. I know, it is a questionable choice, but it is a realistic one.

    The content that was spoken in this segment was the most surprising to me. Vince uttered words like wrestling, Hogan. That was a shock. John Cena mentioned Daniel Bryan’s suspension and some other trifle issues that were blown out of proportion because of different obligations.

    Even more importantly, Vince doubted the fact that Cena could win at MITB. On his part, John Cena went to the extent of relinquishing his title.

    It is a classic case of playing to the reality. They used actual examples that have happened in the past. It added immense depth to the script and made it a true big deal.

    It gave amazing credibility to this story and made it unpredictable. It also had the emotion that made it outstanding. Both Vince and Cena had a point, there was nothing irrational and overboard.

    Secondly, the roles that Vince and John Cena played were really intriguing. They were not in their patent characters. There was no clear distinction of classic face and heel characters. And, it brings me to the next points.

Vince McMahon: Navigator of Change

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    The aforementioned segment highlighted some critical facts about this maverick businessman.

    First of all, it again showed why Vince is one of the greatest mic workers ever. It showed how critical on-screen character he is. Secondly, it showed the completely new dimension of “Mr. McMahon.”

    We had seen the arrogant, cold and sly Mr. McMahon for years. But this segment had the entire new persona. What we saw was an old tycoon, who has seen a lot and who is now reclusive to risks. There were no temper tantrums, no screaming and insults. He was calm, to the point and little bit pessimistic.

    It all remained like this until Cena took his patience to the limit. It is something new, and the originator of it is none other than Vince McMahon.

    For a long time, we all are hoping for the change. This might be the moment, if WWE does not blow it up. There are indications of new wind, and hopefully they will not go in vain.

    Speaking of change, there is one fact that I have to mention. Right from the day Montréal screw job happened; WWE has gone through several drastic changes.

    Only one person has been constant fixture of these stages of evolution, Vince McMahon. He has played pivotal on-screen part each and every time.

    May it be the evil boss or the fair chairman, Vince has navigated the change throughout past two decades.

    However, Vince had somebody else who acted as a foundation of such moments on these occasions. This time, it is not CM Punk who is anchoring the change, it is John Cena.

John Cena – Underrated Angle of the Triangle

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    People may take objection to what I have said earlier. But if you think over it, you will realize one thing. CM Punk may well lead the new change, but it is John Cena who is going to anchor it.

    He is the one, at whose expense things are happening. He has already put over Punk, but not only as a challenger. He has also made the imminent transition of character for Punk smoother in the process.

    I will not go into his wrestling and mic skills. They are immaterial here. It is his stature and position that matter the most.

    You may think that Cena acted as a too much of a good guy on Raw this Monday. But, it helped for general audience to get behind Punk. It was needed to turn all the people in Punk’s favour. Cena helped this cause immensely. Secondly, Cena is not turning heel anytime soon. Heck, he does not even need to.

    What happens at MITB is a matter of predictions; we don’t know a damn about it. There is a talk that Cena might take time off, but again he “might.” Therefore, I will not discuss what may happen. One thing is for sure that you can expect Cena to do something right.

    We often bash the guy for every possible reason, but if this angle succeeds, then mind you it will be because of Cena, too.

    Considering that this angle might explore novel hues of John Cena, there might be some bigger implication. Let us have a look at it.

Is WWE Exploring True Potential of PG Era?

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    Now, I agree this is just a symptom. This aspect is like predicting weather, subject to sudden changes. But, it is still worth looking at.

    This whole storyline has seen some rather “obscene” language. They have even mentioned stuff like tie-gate. It was different until only Rock and Austin had freedom to talk shit, but when a current star speaks shit, it is interesting. Even Cena’s reference of famous “grapefruits” of Vince was not really a PG remark, either.

    Secondly, this story has the intensity that has never seen before in PG era and this is just a beginning. The turn that characters and story will take here on, will be a new side of PG era if things do not go wrong.

    If at all you are thinking that I am referring to curse words, blood then it is a mistake. If you look at it, it does not need abuses to insult somebody. It does not take blood to prove the true metal.

    Compelling storylines, depth of programming depends upon the intensity and gravity of characters. It will not be foolish to expect these changes while the Punk saga goes on.

    Now, if we combine all these factors that I have spoken about until now and some more, then they lead me to believe something criminal. Let us look at it, now.

Is WWE Listening to Audience?

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    We called for intensity, we have it now. We called for CM Punk’s push, we have it now. We demanded Zack Ryder; he was there on Monday and got the biggest exposure of his career.

    Christian is still getting title shots. We demanded an element of doubt about Cena’s powers, Vince himself inserted it. We demanded for good segments, we had it.

    I will not talk more about it, the conclusion is apparent if we are honest enough to see and comprehend it.

Last Word

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    We have discussed a great deal of points here. I just want to put one disclaimer that all these aspects are subject to the treatment given to them by WWE in future.

    If they do not blow things up, and continue the current trend, then these dimensions will hold true.

    “Money in the Bank” will be the first event that will either sustain current flow or else it will put many good things to rest. I will not make predictions. Let us be patient and wait.

    Now, it is your yard. Share your thoughts and voice your opinions. Every feedback, regardless of its nature is appreciated.

    Thank you very much for reading and cheers.