WWE and IWC Newsflash: Daniel Bryan Will Never Draw Money

Richard CianciosoContributor IIIJuly 5, 2011

Does this man look like he can draw money?
Does this man look like he can draw money?

I felt the need to write this article because in a lot of the articles I read here on Bleacher Report someone mentions how the WWE is under utilizing Daniel Bryan and that he can be a main event talent.  I do not get that one bit, and I feel I never will.  The WWE is a business, and a business is around to do one simple thing, make money.

News Flash IWC, Daniel Bryan will never draw money.

A lot of people point out a few different things in regards to Daniel Bryan and why they feel he can be a main event attraction.  I'm here to look at these points and show how they all do not lead to Daniel Bryan having the ability to lead the WWE into future financial success.

One main thing people try to point out is  when the WWE released Daniel Bryan after he choked Justin Roberts out during the Nexus invasion of Raw,  everyone in the stands was cheering for him to come back. When he finally did come back he got a huge pop.  People have to realize that it was not Daniel Bryan and his talents that got those cheers.  The fans would have cheered anyone who got released for that and would have cheered anyone if they came back at Summerslam.  It was not because they were so happy that Daniel Bryan and his non-money drawing talents were back.

Many fans also point to his work in ROH and say that his "American Dragon" gimmick would get over so well in WWE because it worked good for ROH.  ROH is not the WWE, plain and simple.  ROH draws crowds at most in the 1,000- 2,000 range.  WWE's house shows are over 5,000 in the smallest towns.  Their PPV's are in the tens of thousands, and Wrestlemania's are over 70,000 sometimes.  Just because his gimmick might of worked in ROH, does not mean it would translate into the WWE and draw money for them.

"Well the WWE never gives him a chance to main event and they saddle him with bad gimmicks" is another huge quote I hear from people all the time.  There is a reason for that.  Just watching Daniel Bryan try to cut a promo makes me cringe.  He looks awkward with whatever he tries to do.  The guy may be an amazing wrestler, but that does not mean his style translates to drawing money.

He had his angle with Gail Kim and the Bella Twins that got him decent TV exposure.  He could have run with that and taken his character to a new level.  IWC fans try to say it was a stupid gimmick, but what they do not realize is that he could have taken whatever gimmick they gave him and run with it.  Look at guys during the Attitude Era who you never thought would be popular, guys like Too Cool took their lame looking gimmick and made crowds of tens of thousands cheer for them night in and night out.  They knew how to draw money.

Fans also tend to compare Daniel Bryan to Chris Benoit.  They say they are both amazing wrestlers who might not have had the best mic skills, but  once WWE gave Benoit a chance in the main event he did well with it.  Once Daniel Bryan gets a chance like he did, he will run with it as well and all will be well in the world of wrestling.  That is a great misconception on the part of fans.

Chris Benoit was different in many ways to Daniel Bryan.  For one he had a stronger national following then Daniel Bryan has.  While many IWC people think they are the majority in wrestling fans, they are not.  Benoit got national exposure on WCW for a long time before he went to the WWE.  He was in the Four Horseman with guys like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson and wrestled against the likes of Bret Hart before he came over.  Daniel Bryan wrestled in ROH against the likes of Nigel McGuiness.  While many IWC people tend to think everyone knows about it, the majority of WWE's fans have no clue that Bryan wrestled in another company because ROH is not even close to the national level WCW was.

Benoit also was a dare devil high flying wrestler in the likes of the Dynamite Kid, and fans took to that.  Daniel Bryan may be a good mat wrestler and know what he is doing in the ring, but he is no Chris Benoit.  Family killing and suicide aside, Chris Benoit was more a complete package of a wrestler then Daniel Bryan ever will be. 

I personally compare Daniel Bryan to another wrestler that a lot of fans know about, Jeff Jarrett.  Both, in my opinion, cannot and will not draw money.  Jeff Jarrett always has thought he is a main event talent in his own eyes, but fans have never fully taken to this thought of his.  He has tried to be in the main event in both the WWE and WCW and both times he has not drawn one ounce of money.  He might be somewhat entertaining and a decent wrestler, but he just does not have what it takes to be at the top and draw money.

Say what you want about guys like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and even guys like Val Venis, they draw money.  People went to the arenas, and tuned in on Monday Night to see what they were going to do.  They drew people in and the WWE and WCW made money off them.  They had the look and most importantly, the charisma to make it big.  Charisma to me is the Number 1 factor in a successful wrestler.  You look at a guy like Kurt Angle who burst onto the scene and was a Olympic gold medal wrestler.  He has always had the charisma it takes and he connected with the fans right away. That is why he has been so successful.

Wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett and Daniel Bryan do not have that natural charisma to connect with fans.  They have a perfect place on the mid card, and can put on their decent matches for the US and IC title like they have, but they will never be the main event at a big PPV and draw money.

Like the Million Dollar Man once said, "Everybody has a price."  Problem is, the "price" that people would pay to see Daniel Bryan will never be too high.