Is UCLA the Next Alabama?

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

Could Rick Neuheisel do for UCLA what Nick Saban is doing for Alabama?


Coach Neuheisel is a very successful college coach and recruiter.  There is a ton of high school talent in California, enough to supply two quality programs. The next couple of years should be interesting.


The USC versus UCLA game was historically a game that the nation waited to see. In short order, it may become that again. It would be a boon to the city of the angels.


It would prove to be a very tough ticket, way more than it is now. God knows the personalities that would wind up on the sidelines. The governor might visit both sidelines.


It will be interesting to see how next year’s game plays out. That game may indicate if Saban started a trend, and whether Neuheisel is part of that trend.

The reemergence of UCLA football would be very good for college football, especially with the fall off of the Big Ten.