NFL: Six 2011 Free Agents Guaranteed to Bomb in a New System

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIJuly 5, 2011

NFL: Six 2011 Free Agents Guaranteed to Bomb in a New System

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    Free agency, over the last few years, has been a point of contention for many GM's and their scouts.

    A free agent could certainly come in and become a top notch player, continuing his run, but other free agent guys (like Albert Haynesworth) bomb in new systems.

    Some free agents this year look like they'd have success anywhere, but other guys may not know what they have at home.

    Here are six free agents set to bomb in a new system.

Cedric Benson

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    Cedric Benson was almost a huge bust until he got his career back on track with the Cincinnati Bengals—now, he may be out.

    After a dismal time in Chicago with the Bears, Benson is set to leave Cincinnati and possibly try his hand in a very new system.

    Benson hasn't proved that he's able to succeed anywhere other than Cincinnati and with his legs almost gone, it's easy to figure that the running back is at the end of the line.

    Look for this powerful running back to decline, steadily, in a new system.

Cullen Jenkins

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    Cullen Jenkins has been lauded as a very "scheme-diverse" lineman and I'm not here to say that Jenkins can't play a 3-4 or 4-3.

    Jenkins, though, just came off of a Super Bowl win and played next to BJ Raji (as well as in front of Clay Matthews).

    It would probably be very hard for Jenkins to make an adjustment from the luxuries around him to being an anchor elsewhere.

    Jenkins would take a while to adjust himself and may not be able to make an impact in a new system.

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Get a visual as I say the following: veteran quarterback who has played with one team his entire career, even making a Super Bowl with that team, goes to another team near the end of his career.

    It could be Donovan McNabb or the guy in this slide—Matt Hasselbeck.

    Hasselbeck will ask for a lot of money and the Seahawks could very well balk at his demands, allowing the older signal-caller to leave for a system which he's unfamiliar with.

    Hasselbeck could pull a McNabb and bomb in his new system.

Vincent Jackson

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    Philip Rivers made Vincent Jackson the player he is today—it wasn't the other way around by any means.

    Jackson has really made the Chargers organization look bad and he won't appreciate what he has until he bolts (no pun intended) for a new home.

    Jackson won't have Philip Rivers throwing to him anymore—rather, he may end up stuck with an average quarterback.

    Look for the big-time receiver's numbers to flounder without Rivers throwing No. 83 the football.

James Jones

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    James Jones falls into that same category as Vincent Jackson—it's easier to make plays when Aaron Rodgers is throwing the football.

    Jones will go from a No. 3 receiver on one of the league's best offenses (having Greg Jennings and others take double coverage off of him) and having one of the league's best quarterbacks throwing him the ball to being the No. 1 for an average quarterback.

    Jones may not be able to handle the switch.

    The wide receiver seems very overrated at this point, having questionable hands and not having proven that he can be a true No. 1.

LaMarr Woodley

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    I may as well end the slideshow with a surprise named LaMarr Woodley.

    Woodley is an elite outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers—without the Steelers though, his production may tail off.

    It's easier to put up big number when playing alongside guys like James Harrison and Casey Hampton—Woodley benefits from many things as a Steeler.

    Should he leave (which I actually doubt he will), Woodley could be facing less success than the unheralded amount he's having in Pittsburgh.