How To Catch Vermillion Snapper

Jess KContributor IIIJuly 4, 2011

From North Carolina to Brazil, many ICAST anglers have been able to catch the Vermillion Snapper, one of the greatest fish species on the planet. Otherwise known as Beeliners, the Vermillion Snapper is the go-to fish for most fishing enthusiasts, when their normal targets are not cooperating. With roughly five months left until the end of the fishing season, here is a guide on how to catch the Vermillion Snapper.

For the most part, the Vermillion Snapper is located at the bottom of the ocean. Its main habitat is around and near reefs, artificial structures, and ledges. The Vermillion Snapper is one of the most active deep water fishes, as they will eat as many baitfish as possible. However, having said that the Vermillion Snapper is bottom feeder is technically inaccurate.

Essentially, while the Vermillion Snapper is known to swim around the bottom of the water, they mainly eat their bait around the middle of the road. Vermillion Snapper like to be around the middle of the road, since it has the right water temperature to make them comfortable. What’s more, on occasion, the Vermillion Snapper has even swum to the surface of the ocean in an effort to eat more baitfish.

The easiest way to catch the Vermillion Snapper is to reel your bait to the middle of the road. Yet, if you do decide to reel your bait all the way down to the bottom of the water, you will need to pay close attention in order to reel the line back to the surface quickly.

We recommend using a spinning tackle and 15-pound test line, as this will provide you with the best speed to lowering the line and bait into the water to attract the Vermillion Snapper. The last thing you want to do is to send your line into the water too fast, as it will shoot past the school of Vermillion Snapper, which in turn will prevent you from catching any fish.

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