Buffalo Bills Go Old School with Uniforms and the 5 Teams Who Should Follow

WesAnalyst IJuly 5, 2011

Buffalo Bills Go Old School with Uniforms and the 5 Teams Who Should Follow

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    Somewhere around the turn of the century a handful of people in the NFL thought it would be a good idea to add as many stripes as possible to uniforms.

    In 2002 the Buffalo Bills decided to don the ugliest uniforms in professional sports.

    The helmet had more stripes than wins last year and somehow found a way to make the color blue look stone-cold hideous.

    Why Buffalo decided to do this is beyond me.

    Can you imagine the Oakland Raiders or Chicago Bears adding pipping to their uniforms?

    Would the Dallas Cowboys think about adding a different shade of blue?

    The Buffalo Bills had a good thing going with their uniforms from the 1974-1983 seasons. Miraculously their front office made the correct decision to go back to the clean and classic look.

    Franchises such as the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Jets and Giants have gone back to their more traditional uniforms as well.

    Others continue to screw it up and make their team wear uniforms that would have been an embarrassment to the XFL.

    Buffalo is currently not the type franchise you want your team to copy on a daily basis. But with most rules there are always exceptions. 

    The decision to go with a simple look is something these teams should follow at some point in the near future. 

Honorable Mention: Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks would have been a slam dunk to make this list if they actually had a good uniform to fall back on.

    As it stands though Seattle can take plenty of heat for inspiring other teams to wear the dark solid-color uniform. It looks like something you would see at the high school level or in the Oregon Ducks arsenal.

    When you get to the NFL you should look like a professional and not a cell phone skin.

    Teams including but not limited to Tennessee, Cincinnati, Houston and Atlanta have all butchered their uniforms by going to the solid-color look at some point thanks to Seattle.

No.5: Cincinnati Bengals

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    What's up with the white stripe down the side of the jersey?

    The other mystery is the pants. Take a close look of the stripe at the hip. It suddenly goes from an orange background to white.

    Cincinnati also fell victim to the dreaded, "Let's accentuate the shoulder pads" look. We all know you have them on and there is no need to show them off.

    Certain things from the 1980s should stay there. The Bengals current uniforms are so bad it makes you think twice about that statement.

No.4: Minnesota Vikings

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    The Minnesota Vikings had one of the best uniforms going.

    And then they went Cincinnati and tossed in a white streak down the side of the jersey and messed around with jersey around the shoulder pads.

    The reason Minnesota is higher on this list is that their fall-back plan is clearly better than Cincinnati's.

    Minnesota made the uniform change in 2006 and it only took them two years to start wearing the old threads as a throwback jersey.

    I'd say someone regrets making the change.

No.3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Red and pewter or orange cream color scheme?

    Cartoon character or swashbuckler on the helmet?

    This history associated with current uniform is clearly superior, but the look isn't even close.

    The orange cream unis with a pirate holding a dagger in his mouth is pure genius and needs to be reinstated on a permanent basis immediately.

    There are a lot of people who say the old uniform is one of the ugliest in sports history. My guess is those people wear socks with sandals and think they look good.

No.2: Denver Broncos

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    From one shade of orange to another.

    The interesting thing about Denver is they too have much more success in their new uniforms.

    They land on this list because they inspired teams to abandon the classic stripe down the pants in place of a streak that looks as if it were drawn with a calligraphy pen.

    The worst part about Denver's uniform is they abandoned the orange as their home jersey and opted for navy blue. I heard Denver will once again wear orange at home in 2012, but the only place I can find it online is through Wikipedia and we all know how reliable that can be.

    I guess that's a step in the right direction except for the fact it's a completely different shade, and they will still have those ugly helmets, which are better suited for a WNBA logo.

No.1: Philadelphia Eagles

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    Philadelphia Eagles fans have a long history of being the toughest, meanest, and downright nastiest fans in the NFL.

    I saw a Tampa Bay fan beaten following an Eagles win over the Bucs in a Wild Card playoff game held on New Year's eve in 2000.

    I've seen buses carrying the opposing team's players pelted with eggs, coins or anything that could be easily thrown.

    But if you mention the color kelly green those hard-nosed S.O.B.s will melt.

    The fans identify with the old uniforms so well because it represented an era when the Eagles were the toughest team in the league. They would make the Baltimore Ravens look like little boys.

    Yes, the current uniforms represent a winning tradition, but the fans want to combine that tradition with the look of years past.

    Not only is the current uniform ugly, but the eagle head logo is terrible compared the flying eagle, which was on the sleeves of the kelly green jerseys.