WWE Will Tip Its Hand Tonight on Raw in Regards to CM Punk

BBQ SauceContributor IIIJuly 4, 2011

Let's face it, most of us aren't into the technical aspect of wrestling.

We don't say, "Hey! What a brilliantly executed drop-kick!" or, "Man, if he just reverses that hammer-lock into an arm-drag takedown, it will set him up for his finisher!"

We watch WWE to see if our predictions come true because 99 percent of the fun in watching WWE is trying to guess who will win or what will happen. Well, here's something you can take to the bank in regards to tonight's Raw. 

Tonight we will find out if CM Punk's promo was a shoot or a work.

For the two or three people who don't know what I'm talking about, I will fill you in.

CM Punk delivered an unforgettable promo at the conclusion of RAW last week. This promo included some scathing insults aimed at the McMahon-Helmsley family, the WWE Universe, The Rock and Vince himself.

He claimed to be the best wrestler in the world, dropped ROH and NJPW references (a no-no), and implied that the company would be better off if Vince were dead.

Right before he was about to tell a story about Vince McMahon and the Bully Campaign, his mic was cut off and the show was abruptly ended. Punk was soon after suspended and a triple-threat match was booked to determine his replacement at Money in the Bank.

Punk has since been reinstated, under the condition he doesn't insult the WWE.

People are speculating as to whether this promo was a shoot (real) or a work (planned).

*Disclaimer* Most of you can probably figure this stuff out on your own so don't go posting "Duh...this is obvious" in the comment section!

Look for the following clues:

Appearance of CM Punk

If Punk makes no appearance and is barely mentioned on the show, the promo was a shoot. There's always the, "It's quiet...too quiet" theory which means we'll see Punk make a surprise appearance at Money in the Bank, but this theory is not applicable to show-business.

It would be a tragic marketing mistake if this were to happen, and I don't think WWE is dumb enough to take this route. So if Punk is scarce, it was a shoot.



 Of course, I expect the commentators to mention the incident, but if they go overboard and begin talking about Punk all night, you know they are promoting a Punk return at Money In the Bank (or even next week on Raw), hence, a work.


The Triple Threat Match

*Bullet Point A If Rey Mysterio wins cleanly, that means Punk's promo was a work to set up more heat. Rey vs. Cena is a baby-face vs baby-face matchup. This tells me if Rey wins, Punk will attack Rey and take his spot on next weeks Raw.

There's simply no way a Mysterio vs. Cena match will happen. It would be completely out of left field.

*Bullet Point B If R-Truth wins, I think Punk's promo leans toward a shoot. It tells me creative is at a loss as to what to do so they just booked this match as an extension of their feud from last month.

If Punk's promo was a shoot, this is the most logical choice. If it was a work, this is the least logical choice.

*Bullet Point C If del Rio wins, it leans towards a shoot. Creative is high on del Rio so there's no way a Cena-del Rio feud would happen without at least a month of build-up. 


Video Package

 WWE isn't dumb enough to not make a video package recap about Punk's promo. If Punk's video package includes his ROH and NJPW references and has overly dramatic music which completely demonizes Punk, it was a work.

If the video cuts those references out, leaves out most of the "good stuff," and the music isn't as dramatic, I think it leans towards shoot.


CM Punk himself

It isn't entirely out of the question Punk makes an appearance tonight. How Punk conducts himself will give us a great deal of information.

Predictably, if Punk doesn't seem like his usual self and seems restrained, he probably is, which tells me his promo was a shoot and WWE is keeping him on a tight leash.

If CM Punk comes out, business as usual and starts gloating about how epic his promo was, then we have just entered Work-City-population: CM Punk.

Now, I can be completely wrong, but I feel tonight is more important than next week's Raw in regards to this feud. Vince knows he will probably get a larger audience tonight because of the holiday, so it will be the best time to develop his most important storyline. 

As always, the only way to know for sure is to watch! Enjoy tonight's Raw and enjoy the holiday!

*Update* After watching Raw, I have come to the conclusion that Punk's promo was indeed tequila.