NFL: 4 Best Quarterback Options in 2012 Free Agency

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJuly 4, 2011

NFL: 4 Best Quarterback Options in 2012 Free Agency

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    In 2012, there will be a quite a few quarterbacks hitting the free agent market.  Well, that is, if there contracts aren't renegotiated.

    There are a couple on this list that will more than likely see their contracts extended, but until that happens, we'll just assume they'll hit the market and try and get the biggest buck for their bang.

Drew Brees

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    I'm sure during the lockout Drew Brees has had enough time to play all the video games he's wanted to.

    After next season and his contract negotiations, he'll have all the money he'll need to buy all the video games he'll ever want.

    However, it is highly unlikely that Brees will even make it to free agency.  Odds are he'll have a contract extension before Christmas. 

Jason Campbell

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    Jason Campbell has all the tools to be a star quarterback in this league.  However, he hasn't had the opportunity to really succeed. 

    I highly doubt the Raiders will make much of an effort to re-sign Campbell, so he may want to try the open market.

    If he catches on with the right team, both he and his new team will be very happy with the results.  I wouldn't count out Seattle, Cleveland or Cincinnati.

    That is depending, of course, what they do in this offseason.

Kevin Kolb

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    Kevin Kolb is the talk of this off-season.  However, his talk is all about a trade.  His contract expires at the end of this season.

    If the Eagles are unable to move him or if he doesn't want to re-sign with the team, he's traded to he could be a very valuable quarterback on the market.

    We'll have to see how everything shakes out before we can be sure.

Kyle Orton

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    Kyle Orton is another quarterback with a lot of trade talk surrounding him, but he might not be dealt.

    If he isn't, I'm sure he'll want to hit the market given his unceremonious benching last season.

    If he does, I think he'll receive the biggest pay-day of any quarterback on this list not named Brees.