Patrick Patterson and the Kentucky Wildcats No Pushover for Tyler Hansbrough

Justin FiehrerCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

There is one thing that I myself cannot deny. The North Carolina Tar Heels have handed the Kentucky Wildcats a loss each of the first three years Tyler Hansbrough has been a Tar Heel. But there is something else beneath those games that one cannot ignore and that is Hansbrough's inability to dominate the Wildcats.

In Hansbrough's first three years in North Carolina he has only recorded five games in which he did not score more than ten points. Two of them have been against Kentucky.

Surprisingly enough Hansbrough has scored just 27 points in three games against Kentucky and is a whopping 5-23 from the field. That's just 21 percent, while in comparison Hansbrough's career statistics have him shooting over 50 percent. 

He's failed to record more than two made shots in any of the three games he has played against the Cats. Whether it be Randolph Morris or Patrick Patterson, each game the Kentucky player has successfully stopped the big man and outscored him each time.

Unfortunately each year the Wildcats have stopped Hansbrough, another Tar Heel has killed the Cats from outside and shot them down. The Wildcats most stop the Tar Heel's all around game.

Whether or not North Carolina wins come this November 18th I know one thing is for sure: There's a good chance the returning player of the year will have his hands full down low Tuesday night by a sophomore, whether or not someone thinks it sounds crazy.