NFL Owners Are Having It "Their Way," Players Going Down, Down, Down

Deaver BrownContributor IIJuly 4, 2011

How Come I am Losing?
How Come I am Losing?Rob Carr/Getty Images

Consider reading my earlier articles.

This is about the money and the control. The Union wants it. Management wants it.

Management can hold out longer...and is doing so.

This week, BMW in Canada met with the Teamsters to "discuss" their contract. The Teamsters expected, according to them, to get only a small increase from $25 per hour pay and other benefits. BMW told them they were closing the facility and replacing it with a non-union contractor.

Who did they quote? The NFL situation.

"The players' union is decertified; they are struggling; they only have 4-year careers; they will have to vote for another union before moving forward. Win to the owners. The only way the owners could lose is if they decided to trip over their own feet."

It isn't about what is good or bad, but about what is.

When you are holding 4 aces and your opponent has Jack high, it is hard not to be confident.

The owners are in that position—exactly.

The Players Union, ah the non-Players Union, simply doesn't get it. Nor do the players, especially the mid-range ones with short potential careers.

This is not the first Union to take down an industry: John L. Lewis did it with Coal in WW2; UAW and Steelworkers did it; and the beat goes on.

A 2012 season looks like our next possible start time, unless the owners fold for emotional reasons.