The 2011 Workout: The 7th Heaven of Motivating Songs

Antony Herbert@LeeUwishWritingAnalyst IIIJuly 4, 2011

The 2011 Workout: The 7th Heaven of Motivating Songs

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    As the world changes so does a workout playlist.

    This link below provides five of my favourite work out tracks from two years ago. Whilst I still use these to pump iron and rid myself of body fat on a regular basis, it was time to update my playlist and see what else is out there to inspire an intense a productive gym session.

    So here goes.... 

7. Liberty X, X

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    Although manufactured pop bands, especially those from reality TV shows like Popstars, are given a hard time by critics, sometimes they prove themselves capable of producing excellence.

    Whilst this title track from their third and last album missed the top 40 when released in the UK the production on the track, complete with a thumping bass is what makes it perfect for the gym.

    When you really need a track to provide a constant beat to encourage consistency and routine in your discipline this will accompany you well. With a chorus hooked with the words "extra ordinary," "extra naughty" and "extra stimulating" you are psyched and ready to go.

    Just forget how cheap and tacky the video looks!  

6. Nicola Roberts, Beat of My Drum

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    When the band you're not allowed to admit to liking, Girls Aloud, went on hiatus many within the music industry focused on the plights of Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle. The other three (can you name them?) were seemingly forgotten about.

    In a world however that supports underdogs a growing buzz emerged when it came to light that Team Ginge, a.k.a Nicola Roberts, would be releasing solo material until the band reformed.

    Taking inspiration from eccentric singer-songwriters M.I.A and Robyn, Nicola emerged with a debut track produced by recent Beyonce collaborators Major Lazer.

    The result was a part rapped burst of energy that leads to a chorus of an L.O.V.E chant and a request by Nicola to "dance to the beat of my drum."

    It is the production on the track that flourishes as the absurdity of it all causes you to forget that this ditty has come from the shy and often described depressive one that Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles decided to belittle on his morning breakfast show.

    Avoid her at your own peril!

5. Kesha, Blow

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    Despite irritating many with her over usage of auto tune, Kesha has brought out various electro-pop friendly songs in the last couple of years.

    Blow was the last of these but arguably one of her strongest. For some the gym is a place to release all the aggression from day to day life, and with a song that features the line, "This place about to blow," it becomes the perfect tune to vent your frustrations.

    With a bizarre video featuring mythical unicorns and Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek (James Van Der Douche to Kesha) the song takes on a whole new level of weirdness.

    If you ever need a song that will smash you through a session on a bike or into a collection of weights then you have your answer right here.  

4. Saturdays, Notorious

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    Sometimes it does not hurt to jump on the bandwagon of a craze. With the likes of Flo Rida and the aforementioned Kesha leading the electronic revolution, UK based pop band the Saturdays brought out their own brand of electo-infused pop. 

    Notorious was compared to the recent exploits of the Black Eyed Peas, due to its lack of a definitive chorus. Instead the song flowed in one complete package that saw the quintet singing over a massive production about being an "outlaw, big boss and gangster on the dance floor."

    What you end up with is one of those songs that when you forget about the band who sing it, can entice you to react harmoniously during your workout with the beats and liveliness of the song.

    Just try not to picture the little girl in the Haribo advert when lead singer Vanessa asks us to "look in my eyes." 

3. Sugababes, Get Sexy

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    Another, earlier replicate of the electro-pop phase in recent music came in the form of Get Sexy by British trio Sugababes. 

    With a sample of I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred mixed with interludes of entrancing synths and a rapid pace the song shoots you into life, and at the same time allows you the feel good factor.

    Come on let's face it, anything that samples the line "I'm too sexy" is going to leave you wanting to break into dance and self indulge in your sexiness in the middle of a packed gym after work.

    But once you learn to contain yourself you realise that the song can inspire you to outperform yourself on your chosen machine and work towards the body and look you crave.  

2. Britney Spears Ft Nicki Minaj & Kesha, Til the World Ends

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    Despite being the epitome of a break down in recent years Britney Spears occasionally pops up with a song that reminds you of why she has been applauded in the past. 

    Sure she doesn't have the best voice in the world of music, and she certainly does not write her own material. But Til The World Ends written by Kesha is enough to renew your faith in a singer who has little integrity left to lose.

    The remix featuring the songs composer and a cameo rap from Nicki Minaj forms an effective piece of lifting music perfect for cardio workouts. Gym instructors definitely seem to agree as this song has been used in my gym in various different gym classes to motivate and build on the intensity of an exercise.

    At least if one thing is for sure, if the world does end this year, then at least Britney will have already lived a lifetime worth of it. 

1. Veronicas, Untouched

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    Whilst the whole of Europe seems to be obsessed with twins John and Edward Grimes (a.k.a Jedward), Australia recently gave us their own identical sibling pairing in The Veronicas and their mix of rock, pop and addictive beats.

    If anything their entire last album was a workout play list in itself. Songs like Take Me On The Floor, Popular and 4Ever from their last album Hook Me Up can provide an entire section of your workout with a motivating backdrop. 

    Yet it is their worldwide smash 'Untouched' which hit the minds of many, with a beat that causes a frenzy of leg movement, especially when on the treadmill.

    The understated introduction does not prepare you for the incoming and consistent beat and lyrics. You cannot help but try and keep up with the insistent production and can pound away at any discipline for the duration of the song before following it with a required cool down in the aftermath.