WWE/TNA: What Conspiracies R-Truth and I Believe in Pro Wrestling Right Now

LewisAnalyst IIIJuly 4, 2011

WWE/TNA: What Conspiracies R-Truth and I Believe in Pro Wrestling Right Now

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    We all love how R-Truth has turned all crazy on us in recent weeks, and a major part of his new persona is that of someone who believes conspiracies are running rife behind the scenes in WWE.

    So I decided to put together a slideshow R-Truth would be proud of by declaring five conspiracies (which are probably untrue) that are happening in not only WWE but the world of Pro Wrestling.


    *Please note that these are not facts, this slideshow is only intended as a humor piece so please no comments referring 'That won't happen' or something along those lines. 

Jim Cornette Down in Ring of Honor Is a Complete Work

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    Jim Cornette in Ring of Honor is a complete hoax.


    WWE fired Cornette after his infamous incident with WWE Superstar Santino Marrella but was that just cover up for him to be 'spy' on the other top USA pro wrestling promotions?

    Cornette after the 2005 incident signed on with TNA in 2006 but I doubt that has any relevance to the conspiracy R-Truth and I believe.

    We feel Cornette is down in Ring of Honor to purposely evaluate the crop of young stars there and try to set them up for a potential WWE contract thus leaving ROH without their top star.

    Since Cornette's arrival in ROH, they have lost Bryan Danielson (WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins in Florida Championship Wrestling - ED.) and most recently the reported Contract offers both Ring of Honor talents Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero have received.


    As much proof as I and the Truth need to call this a Conspiracy, and this time we didn't get Okiedoked by Little Jimmy.   

New Japan Pro Wrestling Mentioned on WWE Proves a Talent Exchange Program

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    WWE never calls out another promotion, sure it isn't one of their biggest competitors but New Japan Pro Wrestling was featured during CM Punk's 'Worked shoot' on the June 27 edition of Monday Night RAW.

    The last time a WWE Superstar mentioned another company, he was released in the same year - That person being Kaval/Low Ki.

    So, we all know Punk's contract is up - but WWE wouldn't allow him to make such a promo if he isn't returning down the line, they still showed they have tons of faith in him and If he wasn't returning, they wouldn't give him the time of day by making such a moment.

    So, it's not like Punk was a rebel and said a rival promotion - It was a work.

    It months to come, I wouldn't be surprised to see Current IWGP Intercontinental Champion MVP return, the debut of Prince Devitt and the return of A-Train to WWE.


    Truth and I call this a 100 percent conspiracy - Shazam.  

TNA Employees Really Employees of WWE?

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    Vince Russo is being blamed for such a poor booking of TNA Wrestlers.

    Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are annoying many fans.

    The Hardy Boys are screwing around with the Promotion.

    Notice a link here? These people all have been associated with WWE at some point and R-Truth and I can clearly see that these guys have been sent to TNA by WWE to pick up some of the goings-on and even conjure up plans to ruin the TNA/Impact Wrestling product.

    Don't feel the same way, check out the proof.

    Vince Russo is blamed by a large portion of the IWC for ruining many things within TNA.

    Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff removed the symbolic six-sided ring and added many former WWE Superstars such as Mr. Anderson, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Orlando Jordan.

    Jeff Hardy showed up at TNA's Victory Road 2011 pay-per-view and wrestled a lengthy time of 1 minute and 28 seconds against the 'Icon' Sting! It was later reported that Hardy was under a substance which did not allow Hardy to physically work a wrestling match.

    That's how the majority see it, R-Truth and I firmly see it as below.

    WWE are encouraging Vince Russo to ruin the TNA Product.

    Hogan and Bischoff were ordered by WWE to replace the six-sided ring with the 'squared circle' so no comparison can be made. Hogan and Bischoff were also ordered by WWE to hire several notable Former WWE Superstars so they can be made a mockery out of with silly programs and skits.

    Jeff Hardy wasn't under no substance, WWE urged him to 'act' like he was using something prohibited to make the Victory Road pay-per-view look like a joke, therefore many fans asking for refunds due to the poor main event match.

    Take that, Little Jimmy! 

Triple H Really Having Power?

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    Wasn't Triple H the man solely responsible behind WWE Superstar Sheamus push to accomplish Two WWE Championships?

    Well I thought so but me and The Truth had a discussion. If he did help Sheamus so much because he really liked the guy, well why is it then this 'major backstage position' which Triple H has hasn't made Sheamus a legit opposition and was buried on his later months on RAW?

    The reason is, Triple H hasn't no power. Yeah, I know hard to believe but it's true - It's Damn true. 

    If Triple H was in power why was it Sheamus wasn't even on the main WWE Wrestlemania 27 card and was involved in the mid-card scene feuding with the likes of comedic characters (Santino Marrella)?

    If Triple H was in Power, He wouldn't care about Christian becoming a multiple time number one contender on the Smackdown brand but he would actually make Sheamus the Champion or at least the Contender at the top of the pack.

    If Triple H was in power, Sheamus wouldn't have been buried so much on RAW during his later months on the A show.

    Triple H, R-Truth said 'The truth shall set you free' - We know you haven't any power.

Is CM Punk Truly Returning to Ring of Honor?

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    CM Punk mentioned Colt Cabana, John Laurinaitis and Ring Of Honor.

    Three things that never usually appear to be said on WWE television.

    Punk Claimed to be considering a return to the promotion that made him the star of the 'indies' and with the recent USA tv deal, what better time to return then now?

    Earlier I said, Truth and I felt the whole 'Shoot' on RAW was a work - I later said I feel they have already agreed a return down the line and perhaps have already signed a deal.

    Well, The truth had another conspiracy update surrounding the CM Punk's version of the 3:16 speech.

    The fact the he said Ring of Honor may prompt WWE into buying the third largest Wrestling promotion in the land and CM Punk returning to WWE may not be in the form of WWE television but on the new television show of Ring of Honor.

    Why else would WWE allow CM Punk to mention a promotion is set to air on television?

    It looks like we got got by WWE.....

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    I want to reiterate that All of this slide shows have been false and are not to be taken as true statements or rumors however many notable real life things have been featured such as Santino Marrella/ Jim Cornette Slapping incident and Claudio Castagnoli with Chris Hero have been rumored to have been offered a WWE contract however R-Truth was not involved in any way in the making of this slide show.

    So please take these slides as acts of false statements and take them as a humorous way to honor R-Truth.

     Thanks for reading and please leave a comment on your feelings after reading this slideshow, I've never done a piece like this and interested in hearing feedback.

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    Once again thanks for reading.


    * Please no feedback referring to something along the lines of "This isn't real, where did you hear this from" or "Wow, are you sure you got this of a reliable source and were you high when you read it".