Plaxico Burress: Ex-Giant Wants NFL Start Immediately After Prison Release

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJuly 4, 2011

After two years of being locked up in jail, Plaxico Burress has insisted he wants to start playing in the NFL straight away.

The former NY Giants wide receiver was doing time after being convicted of gun charges in the summer of 2009. He has been released three months early for good behaviour.

The gun charges were because he was found in a Manhattan nightclub with a hand gun tucked into his trousers.

Just eight months before he was arrested and put behind bars, he was the player that caught the winning touchdown for the NY Giants in the Super Bowl XLII. 

It is not just his career that was hurt by the gun. It also accidentally went off and injured his thigh.


Is a return for Burress the best thing for the sport?

He may have been one of the best receivers in the league, but that was two years ago and he hasn't been playing since.

He has spent a large part of his career locked up, whereas he could have been in the prime of his career.

Also, is it the right image for the sport?

If a team signs him, they will be signing a convicted criminal associated with guns. Sports stars are meant to be good role models who children look up to. His actions aren't very role model-like.

Maybe he can prove his critics wrong. But it will take something special for everyone to forget about this incident.