Hello, Larry McClure? This Is Tony Stewart!

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

"Hi Larry! It's me, Tony Stewart! You got a min...Oh yeah, I guess you might be a little busy. I will make this quick as I can."

"Listen, I have been thinking about that whole number thing. I'm sorry man! I should have known better. NASCAR said it was open 'cuz you hadn't said you were gonna use it next year, so they figured it was good. But they didn't do any checking into it. I am more than happy to hear that you are going to field a car next year though...oh...mmmm."

"I mean I am glad that you guys are keeping the number four, with all of the history that you guys have made with it! 14 cup victories, some of NASCAR's higher profile drivers, and over 25 years in the sport! You have really done this sport and your team proud!.....Crap, oh......dang it."

"So, what are your plans for next ye.......Agh."

"How is the family?? Things doing ok with all of you?.......doh."

"So you are gonna field a car right? Were you guys able to get a sponsor at all.....ahhgh."

"How about investors? Anythi.........uhhh."

"Is it a bad time to ask about that number again??"