50 Hottest Kardashian Bikini Pics: Ranking the Best of the Sisters

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJuly 5, 2011

50 Hottest Kardashian Bikini Pics: Ranking the Best of the Sisters

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    They may have gained fame from their attorney father or their clothing line D-A-S-H, but the Kardashian sisters love to pose for the camera and attract the eyes of every man on the planet.

    Kim is known most for her provocative sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J, Khloe married Lakers humble forward Lamar Odom to form a heartfelt power couple and Kourtney is known as the second hottest sister, giving Kim slight competition.

    While many people despise this family and their rise to power from no talent, we can't deny their appeal to a majority of the naive and immature American population.

    Instead of hating, let's appreciate.

    Here are 50 of the hottest Kardashian bikini pics, with all sisters included.

    Enjoy the ride.

50. Desperate Housewife

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    This is Kim checking out the gardener viciously trimming her backyard.

    Constantly on the prowl before meeting her fiance, Kris Humphries, Kim was looking for that next stud.

    She wasn't thrilled with what she saw.

49. Woman in Distress

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    After her roller coaster ride with Reggie Bush, Kim moved on to wide receiver Miles Austin.

    That relationship ended in September of 2010, when she decided that NFL players weren't her best option anymore.

48. Next Great Receiver

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    During her time with Reggie Bush, Kim learned that she was a better receiver than the man who is expected to be the odd man out in New Orleans' now crowded backfield.

    He may have to improve his hands if he wants to land a spot elsewhere.

    Once seen as the next great running back, Bush has established himself as an average tailback at best.

47. Reminiscing

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    Kim's father was of Armenian descent and her mother is Scottish and Dutch, creating quite the mix.

    She claims that as a child, she always heard Armenian tales and ate meals from her native homeland.

    Hopefully that's true because many celebrities often disregard their roots when gaining fame.

    We'd expect nothing less with Kim.

46. Not Up in Here

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    This vivacious picture presents viewers with an interesting thought.

    These two may not be as aesthetically pleasing as their sister, but they surely have more to offer.

    We can see what Lamar Odom was attracted to.

45. Baby Face

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    She may be the baby sister, but Khloe continues to light up the screen.

    Featured on Khloe & Lamar with her husband, Khloe loves to share her stressful life with the rest of America on a daily basis.

    Odom, a laid back baller, is the perfect compliment to this high-strung personality.

44. We Got This

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    Who knows what Kourtney sees in Scott because she deserves more attention than her pretentious middle sister.

    Khloe is the perfect wing-woman for her sister, while Kourtney seduces the crowd.

    It's poetry in motion.

43. Armenian and Yellow

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    Fans may believe that these two are jealous of their middle sister, but that assumption couldn't be farther from the truth.

    A very supportive family, they must stick together in times of need.

    This is one of those moments when Kim is filming another sex tape and her sisters are looking on in disgust.

42. Life's a Beach

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    Kim is always looking for someone to impress, a camera to shine on her. 

    She may be sexy, but there's not much going on between her ears.

    A conversation with her is usually one-sided.

41. Servants Aren't Necessary

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    Now we're talking.

    If she's willing to grill for us, there is clearly nothing she can't do.

    However, this is just a pose.

    After this picture was taken, Kim just sits down and lets her servants do the hard work.

40. Say What?

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    The only knock against Kim is her bubbly posterior, which many find amazing.

    On the other hand, it's hard to avoid the rest of her body when she's flaunting herself in the ocean.

    Well done.

39. Towel Please

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    While this may seem like a picture taken with Kim in her natural state, it is far from that.

    All her photos are scripted and planned to perfection.

    Even the buoy with seaweed on it was planned to make her look better.

38. Walk of Shame

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    Sometimes Kim can resemble a goddess.

    After breaking up with Thomas, she began her NFL player phase.

    It all started with former Heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush.

37. Swagger Sisters

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    While these two also form a stellar duo, Khloe may look better with Kourtney.

    Three sisters at once would be nice, but we can only get two at a time.

    Easy now.

36. The Exotic Look

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    Now she's crossing the line.

    Kim continues to excite us with her wide array of different looks.

    Or maybe just different colored bikinis.

35. Super Soaker

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    She also knows how to have a good time and be a kid.

    Aside from the obnoxious smile, Kim is slowly gaining back our love.

    Most fans would love to have a water fight with her.

34. Quite the Matchup

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    Kourtney keeps getting better with every picture, while Khloe continues to be a reliable wing-woman.

    Her careless attitude makes her a fan favorite, and those who follow the Kardashians must love what they see.

    We're going to argue that plenty of the Kardashian's sex appeal comes from Kourtney.

33. It's Hard to Be Beautiful

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    Kim is clearly tired from dominating this list and is sluggishly walking up the sand.

    We understand the fatigue that is involved in being popular.

    Such a tough life.

32. Diamonds Are Forever

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    Kim is clearly used to hard labor.

    Her last name, Kardashian, means "son of a stonemason" in Armenian.

    She continues to work hard for her fame.

    If only sarcasm could be written out.

31. Luring the Next Victim

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    It's hard to want a woman who's been with numerous athletes, but this is how Kim continues to attract every man in America.

    This is her patented look where she pretends as if she doesn't care.


30. Two Lifeguards on Duty

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    It's hard to argue the fact that Kourtney can battle Kim for sexiest sister.

    Kourtney has that careless attitude that can drive any man wild.

    Call it preference.

29. Nothing but Net

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    Kris Humphries must love Kim's loyal enthusiasm because the Nets need plenty of it.

    Nets games just got a bit more exciting.

    Perhaps she can add cheerleading to her stellar resume.

28. Blind Love

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    Another bikini, a new color. 

    Every picture features a different personality.

    Or does it.

27. This Is How We Do It in the Kardashian House

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    Kourtney is slowly winning the battle, despite the fact that this list is clogged by Kim.

    It's a vicious war and Kourtney seems ready for anything.

26. Wet Is Sexy

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    It can't be denied that Kim does look better in water.

    While she's knee-deep in the ocean in most of her pictures, this one features a different situation.

    We like this one.

25. The Sun Is Setting

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    The question here is not whether or not she looks good, but whether the background is a green screen.

    We'll go with yes and label her a phony.

    Tisk tisk.

24. Switching It Up

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    This change of styles is new and improved.

    It's curious as to whether all her clothes are made by D-A-S-H.

    Product placement leads us to believe yes.

23. The Perfect Storm

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    Only one thing could make this picture better.

    If a huge wave was in the process of depleting Kim off her feet, we would be euphorically delighted.

    That's true art.

22. The Body Speaks for Itself

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    Despite all her flaws, we can't deny her bodacious figure.

    Men can't resist her no matter how hard they try.

    Try to look away.

21. Not Up in Here

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    They may be less experienced with the camera than their famous sister, but Khloe and Kourtney can certainly seduce their fans.

    In times of stress, these two escape to the cameraman that's on duty.

    Scott and Lamar are clearly tough men to deal with.

20. Coppertone Girl

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    This is Kim practicing her Coppertone girl look.

    The only thing missing is a small dog pulling down her bathing suit.

    That's a key part of it so if this was her audition she would get rejected without question.

    Rookie mistake.

19. Have to Check My Cell

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    Kim, along with her sisters, released an autobiography in 2010 called Kardashian Konfidential.

    They also plan to launch their own fashion line, which isn't surprising considering they have put their name on almost everything else in America thus far.

18. Whoops, I Did It Again

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    It's curious as to why Kim continues to pose as if she has no idea a picture is being taken.

    It's debatable whether it's her technique or the cameraman's.

    Either way it's her signature look.

17. Three's a Crowd

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    These two sisters form quite the combination, but we're not fighting the temptation. 

    We don't know who the third girl in the picture is and we don't care because the Kardashian girls steal the show.

    As always.

16. Laid Back

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    Kourtney looks to be trying the Kim pose, unsuccessfully.

    She seems more inclined to understand the camera and collaborate with the cameraman to create something special.

    We love her enthusiasm.

15. Bad Girls

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    Not only is everyone on the beach watching these two, but the whole world usually is.

    They clearly love the attention and their fans love to appreciate them.

    It doesn't get any better.

14. Sweet and Sour

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    Kourtney continues to fight Kim for domination on this list.

    While she is putting forth a valiant effort, Kim will always be first in viewers' eyes.

    Diamond in the rough.

13. Clueless

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    Kim's looks are clearly rubbing off on her older sister.

    Kourtney continues to approach the pose that features a clueless look.

    We prefer her to be one with the camera.

12. Provocative Infatuation

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    Kim married music produce Damon Thomas in 2000, but they divorced in 2004.

    She stuck to men in the music industry when she began dating R & B singer Ray J in 2007.

    That ended as quickly as it started, but not without the two collaborating on a sex tape.

11. Without a Care

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    Kourtney may be known worldwide for her reality show roles, but she gained attention for the first time on the 2005 series Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, where she earned money for charity.

    Beautiful and caring.

    The ultimate catch, good job Scott.

10. Smile Like You Just Don't Care

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    Kourtney may have as sexy an exotic look as Kim does, if not better.

    Either way, we love the sexy smile and the enthusiasm in her natural state.

    Keep it up.

9. First Priority

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    Not only does the camera love her, but it's a mutual infatuation.

    After filming Keeping up with the Kardashians all day, she is tired and looks for a relaxing time at the pool.

    The camera, however, will never stay behind.

8. Sky High

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    The oldest child of defense attorney Robert Kardashian and his wife Kris Jenner, Kourtney can clearly hold her own.

    Some have argued that she has a classier look to her and is better looking as a result, while others completely disregard that notion.

    It's up for discussion.

7. Blind Ambition

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    This might be as natural as we will ever see Kim, so let's appreciate the moment while we can.

    With a bottle of water in the background, plain black sandals that don't sparkle on her feet and a mundane, yet sexy bikini, this is the perfect setting for the true Kardashian lifestyle.


6. A Hard Figure

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    She may be a statue, but this epic look is a refreshing change from her usual bikini smile.

    The little boy in the background appears to be fishing for something.

    How iconic.

5. Tropic Thunder

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    Men love an exotic woman and Kim certainly fits that bill.

    When she lowers herself to a typical American woman, Kim loses points off her sex appeal.

    However, with this pose, she has eclipsed our previous assumptions.

4. Stairway to Heaven

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    It's safe to assume that Kim goes to the the steps of any Armenian landmark and poses for the locals. 

    When she's in water, men drool.

    End of story.

3. Checkered Fashion

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    Not the checkered bathing suit!

    This is what Ray J must've ripped off her when they did the sex tape in 2007.

    Kim sued Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the sex tape after it was leaked.

    In April 2007, Kim dropped the lawsuit and settled for $5 million.

2. Live and Let Die

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    Something about the oldest Kardashian sister makes our jaws drop.

    She not only attended the Roman Catholic all-girls school Marymount High School before college, but went to the University of Arizona with Luke Walton and Nicole Ritchie.


1. Baby Mama

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    This is what we want to see from the eldest Kardashian.

    Face the camera with a swagger that can make men melt.

    We're already collapsing.

    Oh yeah, and she's the only sister to have a child.

    Too bad it's with Scott.