Devil's Advocate: The World Series—The Most Forgettable Game Ever

Jimi SeabergContributor IOctober 30, 2008

"This is probably the most forgettable World Series in History," said Jim Rome on his show, Jim Rome is Burning. To most baseball fans this is very true. Two small-market teams playing in an inch of rain that would have been cancelled and rescheduled in the first place if it was just a regular season game, but no, Bud Selig pulled, well, a Bud Selig. Up until the sixth inning, of course, when he did the right thing by putting the game on hold.

Back to the devil's advocate part. If the series was that forgettable then why is everyone on ESPN still talking about it. For a week at least half of the hour that ESPN runs was promoting, discussing, comparing, or complaining about the 2008 World Series. Doesn't sound like the worst World Series ever.

On the flip-side, as a baseball fan its the worst World Series ever. Boring, painfully long and no one to root for at least for anyone who wasn't a Phillies' or Rays' fan. The rainy, muddy conditions made for a miserable time for fans as they sat drenched in the bleachers or for fans at home watching the players struggle to play in the slop. 

In the end nothing will change, nothing can change because it all comes down to who is playing in the series. Cubs vs. Red Sox, for example, no matter what the conditions nor how the players perform it will always be a great battle because of the history of the franchises.

Also, to you Jim Rome here is what I'm burning on: the topic you just used to burn up fifteen minutes on your show, just to end up saying that it is the most forgettable and worthless topic, I just have to say thanks for wasting my time.