World Soccer Trade Rumours: 5 Possible Landing Spots for Sergio Aguero

Raymond ErickContributor IJuly 4, 2011

World Soccer Trade Rumours: 5 Possible Landing Spots for Sergio Aguero

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    After years of service for Atletico Madrid, young Argentinian phenom Sergio Aguero has finally decided to take his talents to another club, determined to play some Champions League football. Aguero has broken the 20-goal barrier in each of his last four seasons with Atletico Madrid, and although injuries somewhat limited him last season, he still managed to score 27 goals in 41 appearances.

    Such goal-scoring prowess is undoubtedly a great asset to have, and Atletico realizes this, having slapped a hefty £45 million price tag on Aguero's release clause. Some clubs are more than happy to meet that clause though, and this article will examine the different possible new clubs for Aguero.

5. Juventus

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    Juventus is on the rise, and they have Aguero set firmly in their sights on a bid to improve their failing strikeforce. With a new coach in Antonio Conte and a sizeable transfer kitty, Juventus seems determined to get their man. In fact, Juventus are planning to meet Aguero by Tuesday, according to this report from

    However, as of now, Juventus cannot offer Champions League football, and if they do purchase Aguero, he would comprise a large portion of their transfer budget. This might be detrimental to the team as a whole, considering that their defense is what really needs work.

    Additionally, Juventus have already picked up the purchase options from both Fabio Quagliarella and Alessandro Matri. The two are more than capable of leading Juventus' strikeforce, and let's not forget that the old man Alessandro Del Piero has not lost his silky skill or his goalscoring instincts.

    Then again, Quagliarella has shown that he is somewhat injury-prone, and it remains to be seen if Matri can handle the pressure of playing for a top club day in and day out. The presence of Aguero would certainly give Juve a much-needed confidence boost.

    Probability of transfer: 80%

4. Chelsea

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    It seems that Chelsea have been linked to Sergio Aguero for years now, and well, they have. Last year, they decided to splash the cash on Fernando Torres instead, and that's not looking like a very shrewd business move right now.

    However, as they say, form is temporary; class is permanent. Torres is on a horrible, horrible run of form right now, so what better way to invigorate him than by bringing his old strike partner back in action? Back in 2006, Aguero and Torres led what was one of the most exciting striking duos La Liga has ever seen. What's to say the same couldn't happen in England?

    Aguero's price tag remains a major hurdling block for Chelsea, however. Recent evidence seems to indicate that Abramovich is more than willing to splash the cash, but if Aguero does arrive, it would create a major logjam in Chelsea's frontline, with Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, and Salomon Kalou already present.

    One or two, or even three of those players need to leave in order for this transfer to have a realistic chance of taking place—Both to make space for Aguero, and to save Abramovich some cash.

    Probability of transfer: 30%

3. Real Madrid

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    Real Madrid have made their love of their crosstown-rival's star quite public, with several of their players claiming that Aguero would add value to their team instantly. Fernando Gago, Iker Casillas, Mesut Ozil, and fellow countryman Gonzalo Higuain have made their feelings on the subject quite clear; in fact, if one was to read their words, it would seem as if Aguero's deal was already finalized.

    However, the fact that Aguero plays for Atletico Madrid is a major stumbling block for this deal. Aguero, himself, stated that he would never play for clubs whose name began with an R, referring to River Plate, his boyhood club Indepediente's rivals, and of course, Real Madrid. The rivalry between the cross-town rivals are well publicized, and although Tomas Ujfalusi claims the contrary, it is unlikely that Aguero would move to Madrid. Still, stranger things have happened.

    Probability of transfer: 40%

2. Barcelona

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    If Aguero does end up moving to Barca, it would simply be due to the man pictured in this slide. Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi are good friends, and after Aguero's exploits during the last Copa America game, it seems that Messi wants his friend playing with him at Barcelona.

    For this deal to happen, though, Barca must scupper their deal for Chilean wonderkid Alexis Sanchez, or alternatively, sell David Villa, which would be a terrible decision in my opinion. Aguero is a great talent, and he would probably eclipse Villa within a few years. However, as of now, Villa is the better striker, and one that has adapted to the Barcelona style of play, too.

    Aguero, much like Messi, has no real tactical discipline, and often tracks back to get the ball before running forward. It remains to be seen if Aguero can function as required in the well-oiled machine of the tiki-taka football.

    It must be said, though, that a front three of Aguero, Messi, and Villa would pretty much break through any defense. Villa could revert to his central forward position while Messi and Aguero flank him on the wings. Still, I think that this is mere fantasy, as Barcelona have already set their sights on Alexis Sanchez, who they are unlikely to give up on now, with Sandro Rosell already in South America to reportedly finalize a deal.

    Probability of transfer: 20%

1. Manchester City

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    What better way to replace a departing Argentinian striker than by adding another Argentinian striker? Carlos Tevez doesn't seem too happy playing for City, and a transfer seems imminent. Plus, it seems that Manchester City is one of the few remaining clubs with enough money to actually buy Aguero.

    Then again, for Tevez to leave, someone has to actually be rich and willing enough to pay his enormous transfer fee. It seems like City is the only club that can realistically afford Tevez (oh, the sweet irony). Additionally, City have more than enough strikers right now, with Adebayor returning from loan from Real Madrid, newcomer Edin Dzeko, Tevez, Balotelli, and forgotten men Jo and Roque Santa Cruz.

    Honestly, it would be quite stupid for City to keep stacking strikers. But after their offer for Alexis Sanchez fell through, who knows?

    Probability of transfer: 10%


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    Inter Milan:

    With Milito and Pandev going through a rotten period, I wouldn't be surprised if Inter made a bid for Aguero. Eto'o is still a great player, but he's not getting any younger, and Inter would be in massive trouble if he began to decline. However, it seems that Inter is more smitten by Carlos Tevez than Aguero, making a serious bid for Aguero's services unlikely.


    All of the Spurs' strikers woefully underperformed last year, with not a single forward managing to hit double-digit league goals, and in effect they could really use Aguero's goal-scoring prowess. But Tottenham isn't really a "big club," and their financial muscle is somewhat insufficient to pull this off. Plus, they can't even offer Champions League football next season, which would probably affect Aguero's judgement.

    Atletico Madrid:

    Of course, when all is said and done, it is more than likely that Aguero would hold off on a move for one or two more seasons. With a £39.2m buyout clause in his contract, things might not go as smoothly as he may have hoped, and I wouldn't be surprised if Aguero steps out in an Atletico uniform next season.