Against Oklahoma Even the Clock Might Not Be Enough

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IOctober 30, 2008

Not to reopen old wounds, but in retrospect I think my biggest complaint of the Bill Callahan era was that there was no one thing a Husker fan could point to that Nebraska did well. No calling card, no identity, no facet of the game that, come hell or high water, you knew Nebraska would execute efficiently.

Under Pelini you could argue that that is still the case. The defense is improved but average, the offense is good but multiple. The only predictable thing about this year's Cornhuskers is unpredictability and that's fine in the first year with a new head coach.

Statistically speaking, however, there is one thing Nebraska does really well: possess the football, and that strength won't be more valuable in any game this season than it will in this week's tilt with Oklahoma.

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