UFC 132 Results: Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Patrick StraubContributor IIIJuly 2, 2011

Carlos Condit scores another 1st round KO
Carlos Condit scores another 1st round KO

Carlos Condit used to have a reputation for submitting his opponents.  It seems now he wants to change his rep.

For the second time in as many fights, Condit walked out of the Octagon with a first round knock, this time of previously unbeaten Dong Hyun Kim.

After what seemed a lackadaisical start to the fight, one that saw Condit get taken down before reversing his position and getting back up, Condit threw a lazy straight right kick before moving in close enough to throw a brilliantly timed flying knee that landed square on Kim’s jaw, dropping him to the canvas. 

The additional punches Condit landed after pouncing on a fallen Kim were probably not even necessary, but referee Steve Mazzagatti allowed him to it anyway, further punctuating another impressive win for the former WEC Welterweight Champion.

The question now becomes; what’s next for Carlos Condit?  In a division staring for a legitimate threat to Georges St. Pierre’s title, maybe Condit is that threat.  It’s true that GSP has a formidable opponent on deck in Nick Diaz, but should that fight end the same way most of St. Pierre’s do, Condit may very well have the best case for a shot at the champ.

Just as impressive as Condit’s ability to end his most recent fights early is who he’s beaten in the process.  A left hook KO of Dan Hardy, who’s lone strength seems to be boxing, and now a flying knee KO of Dong Hyun Kim, who had yet to taste defeat and consistently looked a class above those he formerly fought, screams that Condit is as worthy an opponent to challenge St. Pierre’s strap as exists in the UFC.

Will the UFC give it to him?  Count me among those who think they should.