Worker's World -- Auburn Hills Chapter

Mick MillerAnalyst IOctober 30, 2008

This spreading the wealth idea is taking root in places other than politics. The Proletariat Pistons did their subversive best in displaying the merits of a collectivist mindset Wednesday night as they worked for control of the resources of production against the bourgeoisie Pacers.

It is time to decide what kind of basketball we want to see in this country. Are we to applaud a brand of basketball that sees no clear distinction between workers such as those found on the Pistons 12, or should we cheer a system that allows players that hone their talents and rise above the norm (capitalist pig of the night: Danny Granger)?

Danny Granger went off for 33 pts. We should praise a guy who pulled himself up by his bootstraps, shook the dust off his small Louisiana home town and made it big, yes? Nyet. When Danny Granger maximizes his individual potential and scores at least 33 points, his team, his fellow Pacermen, fail. They are 0-4 when Granger goes for 33+.

Should everyone share in the riches when a team succeeds? What about those individuals who did not work as hard as their teammates? Do they deserve to reap the benefits that were earned by the sweat of others? I am of course, speaking of Comrade Kwame. Here is the sad tale of a person blessed (supposedly) with massive talent and yet who refuses to use them for the good of the group. Should we stand by and say that Comrade Kwame is one of us when he gets taken to school so easily by Roy Hibbert? Da. We stand as one, so we will celebrate our successes as equally as we bemoan our losses.

The Pistons are in the crucial fifth year of the current five-year plan. The ultimate goal is to raise the scarlet standard high (to the rafters...also blue will be featured). The Pistons are still in the process of slowly inculcating their fans to think in this way and have made substantial inroads to accomplishing this goal. For those pundits who were perplexed by McCain's withdrawal from Michigan, they need look no further than 4 Championship Drive.