NBA Lockout: 7 Teams That Could Benefit from a Work Stoppage in 2011

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NBA Lockout: 7 Teams That Could Benefit from a Work Stoppage in 2011
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Other than potential ratings boosts for the NHL and NCAA college basketball, the NBA lockout isn't going to be fun for anyone. The players want to play. The coaches want to coach. The owners want to make money off of the fans that want to come see games. With a lockout, none of this is possible.

Veteran players without rings are probably quietly begging for the current lockout not to last an entire season, and for all parties involved to come up with something as soon as humanly possible.

The group that I feel for are the fans. Being one of them, the idea of sitting around in December with no NBA basketball is something that I don't want to think about. Unfortunately, that scenario is too possible to be ignored. 

At times, greed will get the best of us, and that's exactly what is happening in every NBA franchise owner's office across the league.

It isn't just the owners, though. The players association wants to keep its players paid, and is just as responsible.

Here is the difference. There is no player in the NBA that wants to sit around when he could be playing in games. The wealthy owners will stay wealthy. In some cases, for the teams that don't make any money, the lockout may even help them financially.

This is a major pain for every team. Coaches can't help their players, and the players can't do anything together as a team (officially). But there are a few teams that could benefit from this if they look at it the right way and salvage the opportunity.

This is not a ranking of who benefits the most or the least. It is simply a list of teams who could use this break to their advantage.

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