WWE: Alberto Del Rio vs. Ted DiBiase: A Feud That Makes Too Much Sense

BBQ SauceContributor IIIJuly 2, 2011

 There have been several superstars who have nearly fallen off the map after being drafted from Smackdown to Raw–most notably Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre.

Alberto del Rio hasn't fallen as far, but is on course to follow in the path of another burnout: Wade Barrett.

After headlining several PPV matches against John Cena (which is about as far as you can go in the WWE without actually being John Cena), Barrett has been in a complete tailspin.

Barrett is an ex-Intercontinental Champion but his reign was hardly memorable...in fact, one may go so far as to say his championship reign made him look weaker. 

But alas, we aren't here to talk about Barrett. My concern is for Alberto del Rio. I'm not his biggest fan, but I would hate for him to be buried. He is simply better than 90% of the current roster and doesn't deserve the Barrett treatment (Barrett doesn't deserve the Barrett treatment either, push him!!!).

As much as I want del Rio to succeed, I do believe he has overstayed his welcome in the main event scene. It would be repetitive to see del Rio win MITB, suffer another 8 weeks of "destiny" promos, or possibly headline SummerSlam against John Cena.

You don't want to see it, I don't want to see it, Little Jimmy doesn't want to see it, and Bob from Accounting doesn't want to see it. 

If you read the title of my article then you know what's coming next. Yes, you read it right–a feud with Ted DiBiase is the answer. Ted is actually one of the few people who has benefited from switching brands. He has been featured on Smackdown virtually every week since the draft–which can't be said for his tenure with Raw.

DiBiase is currently in an angle where he plays Cody Rhodes' associate and it seems like a DiBiase face turn is in the cards for the future. If DiBiase turns face, del Rio NEEDS to go back to Smackdown. Here are a few selling points:

--They are both good in the ring and have similar moves.

--On Raw this week, del Rio seemed to be trying to woo Maryse, Ted's ex-girlfriend. This would add a certain soapy element to the feud if a love triangle ensues. Plus we would get to see Maryse on TV more, which in my opinion is a good thing.

--Their characters are nearly identical. The egos of both these guys are outrageous. "I come from money, I come from class". Those are the first words from Ted Dibiase's awful theme song. That line and the rest of the song also perfectly describe del Rio.

--A "who is richer" angle would be interesting. This would give rise to GREAT promos, backstage moments, vignettes, etc.Example A. Ted, Alberto, and Maryse go to an expensive restaurant to try and work things out amicably. The men agree to split the bill. Ted tips 20%. Maryse looks over to see how much Alberto tips. She says, "Wooow Alberto you're a great tipper."

DiBiase snatches del Rio's bill and notices he tipped 25%. DiBiase then changes his tip to 50%. Alberto crosses out his tip and changes it to 100%. It keeps escalating until they're tipping like 1000% the original bill. Oh yeah, they break out into a food fight/brawl at the end.

Example B. Ted and Alberto participate in the "Gentleman's Games"–a contest to see who can be more "high society". This involves 1 on 1 golf matches, fencing matches, horseback riding, etc. Each vignette ends in a brawl.

--It would breed international tension which always gets ratings. The whole USA vs. Country-X deal has been played countless times, but I can't remember one of these feuds being unsuccessful. (I am currently working on an article about how the WWE should have a "WWE World Cup" look out for it!)

--Gimmick Match! The feud can eventually end with a gimmick match revolving around money.

Example A. Bank Account Brawl. The contestants try to spend the most amount of money in the allotted time.

Example B. A Butler Match. The loser has to be a personal butler to the winner for a day (more backstage vignettes!)

Example C. Winner Takes All Match. Self-explanatory. Both wrestlers put their money where their mouths are and whoever loses, loses their entire fortune!

Things that need to change in order for this feud to work:

--DiBiase needs to improve his mic work. He's almost there, but he's got to increase that charisma somehow.

--Del Rio needs to be less metrosexual. The winking, his awkward body gestures, and that smile need to go. Which picture looks cooler–the first one or the second? Exactly.


So tell me...do you think this feud could work? Would it be beneficial to both their careers?