UFC 132: With a Victory over Wanderlei Silva, Would Leben Be the Baddest S.O.B.?

Todd SeylerContributor IJuly 2, 2011

Thank you Nick Caron for the tremendous graphics
Thank you Nick Caron for the tremendous graphics

Wanderlei Silva was appropriately labeled "The Axe Murderer" because of his relentless aggression inside the Octagon.

Possessing the most intimidating staredown in the history of mixed martial arts, Silva flips his internal switch from the passive, humble, docile family man outside of the cage into a fearless, non-stop, violent professional mixed martial artist inside the cage.

Typing the name Wanderlei Silva into YouTube will generate hundreds of videos of Silva's thunderous knockouts with wide, crushing hooks, devastating knee strikes from the clinch and jaw-shattering soccer kicks that have almost decapitated the greatest fighters on the planet.

An icon, "The Axe Murderer's" legacy as the baddest S.O.B. to ever step foot inside the Octagon will be debated and attached to Silva years after his days as a professional fighter have concluded.

As with everything, a newer, more adaptable model of the original comes along.

Cue Chris "The Crippler" Leben.

Leben stormed onto the UFC scene back in 2005 as a cast member of the original series of The Ultimate Fighter.

Epitomizing the definition of "punk," Leben's antics and personality outside of the Octagon alienated his fellow cast members and shined a negative light on "The Crippler" in the fans' eyes.

As with most athletes, an individual's performance can sway the opinion of the fans overnight. And Leben's performances inside the Octagon are never dull and have always entertained the fans.

Fighting with the same attitude since Day One, "The Crippler" does not attempt to hide his strategy inside the cage; he is competing to knock out his opponent in the most brutalizing fashion possible. 

Leben's single-minded strategy has provided us fans with a multitude of highlights including knockout victories over Jorge Santiago, Terry Martin, Alessio Sakara, Aaron Simpson and an exciting battle with Japanese star Yoshihiro Akiyama.

Tonight at UFC 132 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev., Chris Leben will match up against his predecessor and pioneer to the crown as the baddest S.O.B. in the UFC when he faces Wanderlei Silva.

Expecting a savage war, both Leben and Silva are primed for a stand-up battle. Destructive punches with ill intent will be thrown by both competitors. Neither fighter will back down until his opponent is laying unconscious being awakened by smelling salts.

If Leben is victorious over Silva, the crown worn by "The Axe Murderer" over the past decade as the baddest son of a bitch ever to step foot inside the famed Octagon will surely be passed on to "The Crippler."

Tune in this evening to witness this slug-fest and possible passage of the crown and all the action at UFC 132.

Enjoy the fights.

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