Omar Minaya, Please Make Something Happen

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IOctober 30, 2008

I am sure Omar and the Mets' front office all watched the World Series and you all were probably hoping the Tampa Bay Rays would win it. Now, you have to face that the Phillies are champs and the NY media will be there with all those annoying questions on top of it.

The NL East will be more challenging next year. The Braves have already made threats of getting Jake Peavy from the Padres. The Marlins will be getting better as they will retool with trades as well. The Nationals might be the only team right now you don't have to worry about, but they can bite us on any occasion as well.  

So Omar, what are you going to do?  It's time for you to shake things up a bit. That does not mean you have to get rid of the core (Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, or David Wright). Nor does it mean that you have to get every big free agent out there. But, you have to put some more winning character on this team.

The Mets lack leadership and no one in the clubhouse is a "stand up" kind of guy. They run around thinking about their stats, thinking that they are the best until they get to September...when they all fall apart!

As I've been saying for awhile, the Mets need a couple of tough guys and grinders, whether they come in the form of Eric Byrnes, David Eckstein, or someone else; they need some spunk and fire!

The Mets have problems and it starts with the starting pitching. Two of their five starters are now free agents.

They do have John Maine, but he is coming off surgery; no one knows how he will respond. So, the Mets have to get two new pitchers in their rotation next year, unless they resign Oliver Perez. Then, they would only need one.

They'll also have to find some insurance for Maine, assuming he can't go. There has been talk of C.C. Sabathia signing with them, but he is likely going to the Yankees for a king's ransom.

Or, he might settle in with the Dodgers Rotation as they look for starting pitching. Derek Lowe might be added to the Mets staff, but there has been talk that he wants to stay in the west coast as well. So, you have to find some pitchers who are not afraid of the Big Bad New York Market and find them fast.

Then, they'll have to figure out the bullpen, which was the team's Achilles heal this year. Are we going to go through another season of torture with Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoeneweis? Or are we going to see some fresh new recruits?

I'd like to see LHP Jeremy Affeldt in a Mets uniform. I would also like to see Juan Cruz, who can setup. Both are free agents.

Who is going to be the closer?  Is it going to be the AL saves leader and record holder,  Francisco Rodriguez or are we going to get a cheaper model like a Brian Fuentes? Or will it be an unknown, like Eddie Kunz or Bobby Parnell.

The Mets have other problems to address beyond their pitching. Who is going to be their second basemen? The answer could be the hated Luis Castillo, who is under contract (LOL, great deal) By the way, Mets fans think he sucks.

They could go out and get David Eckstein, who is a pesky kind of player, or get a good clubhouse presence like Orlando Hudson. They could let the young Dan Murphy get a shot; he has proven that he can hit, but they'll have to bite the bullet if he can't field his position at 2B.

The outfield is held together by Carlos Beltran. The Mets have to find out if the myth of Ryan Church hating New York is true. If he doesn't like it here, get rid of him and find someone who does.

The Mets could use Dan Murphy in left field and could find another bat to take the pressure off the rest of this team. Manny Ramirez would be an easy fix, but for the price he is asking, it might be just a dream.

Magglio Ordonez's name just came up and the Tigers might have to unload his salary. I would not mind seeing him as long as he stays healthy. There's also Matt Holliday, whom every Mets fan is clamoring about. For me, the money he would be paid and his career splits at and away from Coors Field scares me. He might also be a pipe dream.

I can't believe that the Mets think their problems stem from their catchers. They have Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro. They're not the greatest hitting duo ever sought out, but they have some ability behind the plate.

The Mets hierarchy thinks maybe now is the time to get Bengie Molina, who can hit and catch. To me, this should be their last priority as they face greater obstacles in their way...

Get it done this off season Omar...and let the Hot Stove League begin!