New York Mets vs. New York Yankees: 20 Questions

Michael BaltonCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2011

Will Jose pass the audition?
Will Jose pass the audition?Leon Halip/Getty Images

1. Will the Yankees still be leading the major leagues in runs and slugging percentage after facing the Mets’ best starters?

2. Should the Mets be concerned that the Yankees are second in baseball in on-base percentage?


3. Can the Mets beat the Yankees with a small ball attack that is eighth in runs scored and 16th in slugging percentage? 


4. Will Fred Wilpon step on the field to wave to the fans?


5. If so, will he have the good sense to wear a batting helmet?


6. Is everyone aware that the Mets are fourth in the major leagues when it comes to on-base percentage?


7. Will it make a difference that the Mets have the fourth best batting average in baseball, while the Yankees can only manage 12th place in this category? 


8. How will Yankee pitching respond to the Mets’ new proficiency at small ball?


9. Will the Mets be able to sustain their torrid offensive pace which saw them score 57 runs in their last five games? 


10. Can the Mets continue to win by stringing together line drives, walks and stolen bases? 


11. Will the Yankees beat the Mets by extending their home run lead?


12. Should the Mets care that Yankee sluggers are responsible for 116 bombs, and that no other team in baseball  has broken into triple digits?


13. Have Yankee sluggers gotten used to the fact that Citi Field is the ballpark where home runs go to die?


14. Will the Mets’ starters manage to outfox Yankee sluggers? 


15. Are the Yankees’ hurlers capable of unbalancing the Mets’ focused line drive attack?


16. Will Reyes be auditioning for Jeter's job?

17. Will Dickey’s knuckleball knuckle enough?

18. Is David Wright strong enough to throw out the first pitch?

19. Will the Yankees be looking at K-Rod, as they consider making him Frankie the Yankee?


20. Why do they call it the Subway series,  when the 7 train is an elevated line?