An Offseason Wish From a Lifelong Kansas City Royals Fan

Jordan AlbertsenContributor IOctober 30, 2008

I have been a Kansas City Royals fan since my parents took me to my first game in 1979 as a three year old. Through it all I've seen some great times and some great baseball. It has been 24 years now since it's been great baseball.

I think GM Dayton Moore has a good plan and things are on the right track for the first time, (save for that fluke good season a few years back) since the early 90's. But let's not talk about the past. Time to look ahead.

Kaufman Stadium's new look will be finished when 2009 begins. Kansas City fans deserve to see some good baseball return to "The K" to show the return on their investment.

Here is one lifelong fan's wish

No. 1—A solid core to the lineup.  Mike Jacobs is a good pickup. He will provide some much needed thunder in the middle of the lineup and could make a nice 3-4-5 punch. Alex Gordon, Jose Guillen, and Jacobs. I like that very much.

No. 2—Must get a front-end veteran starter. I don't know if Derek Lowe can be acquired or not, but take a shot. The Royals need a veteran starter to compliment Brian Bannister, Zach Grienke and Gil Meche. Jake Peavy is out there for the right package. Can the Royals put enough together to get Peavy to waive his no-trade clause? Take the shot. Probably a very long shot, but if you have to part with DeJesus to get him DO IT.

No. 3—Bullpen help to get to Joakim Soria. DO NOT make him a starter, he is a legitimate Big-League closer.

I like the makeup of the young guys. Billy Butler, Gordon, Bannister, Grienke, etc. The way 2008 ended is encouraging, but this team still has big holes that have got to be filled. Hey if Tampa can get to the World Series, why not my Royals?