NFL Free Agency 2011: 5 Surprising Names Cardinals Could Move for Kevin Kolb

Ray TannockSenior Analyst IJuly 1, 2011

NFL Free Agency 2011: 5 Surprising Names Cardinals Could Move for Kevin Kolb

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    I read a report earlier today from SI’s Jim Trotter that basically says if the Cardinals do make a move on Kevin Kolb, the player the Eagles receive in return “will surprise…”

    Now, it is not as if the news of Kevin Kolb possibly going to Arizona is anything new; in fact, some may claim this to be an old worn-out story that seems to be a clever media recycling fiasco to keep their news-starved fans waiting on baited breath.

    Fair enough.

    But it is the wonder of who exactly Mr. Trotter could be eluding to which is the real meat on the dish here, and I figured I would discuss who it could possibly be.

    Wanna find out?

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

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    The No. 1 guy that everyone has been talking about is DRC, supporting this speculation with the notion that the Eagles are going to want someone big in return.

    But the fact of the matter is giving up DRC for Kolb makes about as much sense—on the Cardinals side—as a chess player surrendering his queen for a captured pawn on his next move.

    Giving up DRC would send the Cardinals backward, not forward, despite acquiring a much-needed quarterback.

    Don’t believe me?

    Think of it this way: The Cardinals plan on making Patrick Peterson their opening-day starter opposite of DRC and taking away that option would be more curious than surprising.

    Chance: Five percent at best.

Beanie Wells

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    Another player’s name that you can softly hear in the whispers of possible trade bait is Beanie Wells, but again, an unlikely situation at best.

    First and foremost, Wells is signed through 2014, and has already said that this will be his breakout year in Arizona.

    But the real argument comes into play when you consider the fact that Arizona will need a veteran back for at least the start of the season, until they see what exactly they have in second-round draft pick Ryan Williams.

    When Wells did get a chance to shoulder the load in his rookie year (150 or more carries), he did rather well gaining 793 yards on 176 carries with seven touchdowns, while adding another 143 yards on 12 catches that same year.

    But there is another runner in Arizona, isn’t there?

    Chance: Eight percent.

Tim Hightower

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    Ah, now we start getting to the meat of the speculation.

    What qualifies as a surprise? Is it a player who the Eagles fans are going to be wowed about, or is it a player who the Eagles fans are going to hang their heads in disappointment?

    Tricky word, that "surprise" is, isn’t it?

    Tim Hightower is considered a major liability in Arizona, and with the addition of Ryan Williams, one has to wonder if Hightower’s days are nearing an end in the desert.

    But you also have to think about whether or not the Eagles want to take a chance on a fumble-prone (eight in two years) running back, which would be primarily used in specific situations, while adding quality depth in an already crowded backfield.

    Still, there is a slight monetary upside in a 2011 tendered restricted free agent.

    Chance: 15 percent.

Greg Toler

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    It’s no mystery that the Eagles could afford to have another corner on their roster, particularly one that could be converted into a nickel corner.

    But would they be willing to deal Kolb for a work-in-progress cover man?

    Perhaps so, and it would certainly qualify as a surprise.

    With the anticipation of Peterson being the other starting corner, it appears as if Toler might be the odd man out minus certain situational downs to which he would be relegated.

    Given Toler’s suspected immediate future and the needs of the Eagles, this has more possibility than any of the aforementioned players, but it still doesn’t seem as if the Eagles are making out, does it?

    Hmmm, who else could it be?

    Chance: 25 percent.

Daryl Washington

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    Ah ha! Could this possibly be the mystery player Mr. Trotter is eluding too? Could this be the surprise that may be unveiled to Eagles fans worldwide? Does this deal even make any sense?

    Heck yeah it does!

    Washington was a second-round pick in 2010 for the Cardinals, stepping in and admirably doing a bang-up job as Carlos Dansby’s replacement.

    He compiled 76 tackles, 11 assists and one interception returned for 39 yards with a single sack.

    But the real value is the fact that Washington can play at both weak side and strong side which fits perfect for a multi-dimensional Eagles defense, which would require such a talent.

    Still don’t think it’s possible?

    The Eagles have a ton of linebackers who aren’t exactly settled into their respectful positions, a few who could test the open market and the return of Stewart Bradley is overshadowed by the even more pressing question of his lack of durability.

    That leaves Jamar Chaney and Moise Fokou as the current “leaders” in the linebacker department, making the addition of Washington that much more interesting.

    I don’t know; a multi-positional linebacker who is durable and talented just makes sense for a team that needs a LB more than any other position right now.

    And all they have to do is give up Kevin Kolb.

    Chance: 50/50

    I hope you guys enjoyed my little speculation piece, but who do YOU think the Cardinals will give and why?

    If anyone’s a fantasy fan, come check out the Latest from the News Wire and how it could potentially affect your team in 2011.