The 25 Hottest Athletes of Dubious Sports

Scott HowardContributor IJuly 1, 2011

The 25 Hottest Athletes of Dubious Sports

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    Poker and billiards have become mainstream sports that we see on ESPN and other nationally televised channels, but we're not fooled.

    We know that these "sports" got their start in back rooms and seedy bars throughout the world, and they wouldn't even exist if people didn't gamble large sums of money on them.

    The women of these sports, especially the hot ones, are exceptionally shady because they've definitely hustled their fair share of overconfident men in their day.

    Is it just me, or does it make them even hotter knowing that they've taken thousands of dollars off of hairy biker dudes?

    Anyway, here are the 25 hottest athletes of dubious sports.

25. Borana Andoni

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    Borana is an up-and-coming player from New York who is getting headlines for both her play and her looks.

    She's been called the "Queen B" billiards.

24. Chantel McNulty

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    Chantel is a poker player that gets bonus points because she has the same last name as one of the greatest characters in TV history.

    Hopefully the name is where the similarities end.

23. Angelina Paglia

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    I don't know much about Angelina Paglia except that she plays pool and that she's a good looking woman. 

    Then again, that's what this list is really all about.

22. Liz Lieu

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    Liz gets extra points because she's actually good at poker. Known as "The Poker Diva," she's been known to ruin a few guys' day.

21. Jasmin Ouschan

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    Jasmin is an Austrian billiards player who has won gold and silver medals at the World Games.

    Don't be intimidated by her last name; it's actually pronounced like "ocean." As in Billy Ocean.

20. Jennifer Leigh

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    If you've earned the nickname "Jennicide," you know that you've ruined a few lives in your day. And probably broken a few hearts.

19. Yu Ram Cha

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    This Korean hottie won the gold medal for nine ball singles at the 2009 Asian Indoor Games.

    I can think of some other indoor games I'd like to play with her. Scrabble, Boggle...why what were you thinking?

18. Michaela Tabb

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    Ok so technically she's a referee, but she still counts in my book. Michaela is a British snooker and billiards ref who blazed a trail for women in the industry.

    In 2009 she became the first woman to officiate the World Snooker Championship.

17. Olivia Boeree

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    Liz is a model, television host, and poker player from across the pond in England. I'm sure we wouldn't mind making a road trip to see her.

16. Lacey Jones

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    She has a video on YouTube entitled, "Lacey Jones is the Hottest Girl in Poker." She's also been called the "sexy poker Barbie."

    Who am I to disagree?

15. Jennifer Tilly

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    Jennifer Tilly was actually a pretty well-known actress at one point. She had major roles in Liar, Liar and every teenage boy's favorite movie, Bound.

    Now I guess she plays poker. I'm guessing misdirection is a big part of her game.

14. Jennifer Chen

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    Jennifer has been playing pool professionally since 1997 and has won bronze and silver medals at the World Games.

    She hails from Taiwan and has the nickname, "China Doll."

13. Clonie Gowen

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    As one of the top female money earners of all time, Clonie Gowen is a combination of skills and hotness.

    Anyone going heads up with this gorgeous blonde might have trouble getting a read on her, especially if she smiles at you.

12. Anastasia Luppova

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    Anastasia Luppova is a Russian billiards beauty that makes me think I should to to the pool hall more often.

    I know, I know, she'd beat me before I even got to shoot. But it would be worth it.

11. Erica Schoenberg

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    This former model, known as the "Poker Babe," is not afraid to lay it all on the line when she's in a game of poker. Any girl who leads the charge to play strip poker is okay in my book.

10. Kimberly Lansing

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    I don't know if she looks like this all the time, Kim definitely gets the prize for "hottest girl at the poker table."

9. Joanna Krupa

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    This Polish-American supermodel decided to take up poker. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure she's played the dumb blonde card to hustle tons of dudes out of their money.

    So sneaky. 

8. Tara Rice

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7. Shanelle Loraine

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    This exotic billiards hottie was born in Japan but raised in Guam. She went to college at Central Florida, where she played pool, and now resides in Orlando.

    Shanelle has won numerous international competitions, like the Women's World 10-Ball Championship in Manila.

6. Shana Hiatt

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    Shana is not a big time poker player but she was the host of the first three seasons of World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel.

    She plays enough online poker to qualify for my list, even if she didn't play at all she would still be here.

    Anyone want to argue?

    I didn't think so.

5. Shannon Elizabeth

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    Yes, the hot foreign exchange student from American Pie plays poker. That is all.

4. Jeanette Lee

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    Jeanette Lee, aka "The Black Widow," is the reason that we started watching women's billiards...or any billiards for that matter.

    I'm guessing she got her nickname after causing women to leave their husbands after Lee hustled them in pool and took all their money.

3. Tatjana Pasalic

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    I've been to Croatia and it's not much to write home about. Then again, I never played poker with this woman.

2. Jennifer Barretta

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    You have to love a billiards player who has more pictures in bikinis than playing pool. It doesn't help that her website says it was "last worked on August 20, 2009" and the bio says "coming soon!"

    Oh well, this picture is really all we need to know about her.

1. Tina Wallman

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    This ridiculously hot poker player was named as the spokesperson for Carbon Poker. I'm sure their sales jumped immediately with this lady representing them.