Wimbledon 2011 Semifinal Predictions: Will Andy Murray Suprise the Spaniard?

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIJuly 1, 2011

Will he destroy Britains hearts?
Will he destroy Britains hearts?Oli Scarff/Getty Images

This year, Wimbledon has chucked up a few surprises for tennis lovers. Aussie teen Tomic reached the quarterfinals aged just 18, while Roger Federer was knocked out of a grand slam for the first time from two sets to love up. Both the Williams sisters crashed out before the semifinals, something not seen very often.

However, all of these upsets have done little to lower the expectation of men's semifinal day. Two great matches coming up, and I'm here to pick a winner.

The first match on court is an encounter that many were not expecting: Jo-Wilfired Tsonga, against the man of the moment, Novak Djokovic. The favourite on paper has got to be the Serbian, who is hoping to gain the No. 1 spot from Nadal with a victory on centre court later today.

However, one need only recall the destruction of Roger Federer by the rampant Frenchman to give the crowd favourite a realistic chance. How do they match up, though?

The forehands of the two are both very good, but Tsonga's seems to have the cutting edge. Yes, it is more likely to miss, but that's because he goes for winners, and he usually makes them. This will be vital for Tsonga to have any chance of victory. Djokovic has been previously criticised about the power of his forehand. It certainly has lacked conviction, but those days are over. While he hits less winners than Tsonga, Djokovic can rely on his one handed wing.

Djokovic's main weapon is his backhand. He whips the ball up and down, allowing him to get extra pace and accuracy on the ball. If he uses it today effectively, he can cause Tsonga problems, particularly as Tsonga's backhand is subject to errors.

Serving is very close, and for me, the man that serves better will emerge victorious.

Result: Djokovic in five.

The match that has Britain on its toes is the second, Andy Murray taking on Rafael Nadal for the second place in the Wimbledon final. No British player has reached the men's singles final in over 70 years. Is the wait about to end? Possibly.

These two are very close in all aspects, so I won't bother going into shot-by-shot analysis. However, the player who wins today is likely to be the aggressor. Nadal has a foot injury, so he won't be looking to stay on court long. Therefore, it is key for Murray to make him stay on court as long as possible, should Murray be losing.

It is possible that Nadal will be feeling his injury despite the cortisone injection, therefore, Murray should look to keep Nadal on the run. This would tire Nadal, but it would also keep him (hopefully) from dictating the points. If Nadal dictates, he wins. Simple.

Both men will be wary of the passing shot ability both possess. Therefore, I doubt that the Englishman and the Spaniard will come to the net often. However, both will be aware of groundstroke importance this afternoon, and if Murray can hit the ball down to Nadal's forehand, he has a good chance of success, as he had in the US Open.

Its very, very close.

Prediction: Murray in five (if he gets crowd support).