MMA Knockout of the Day: Fighter Gets Free Flight Courtesy of Air Knockout

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In this random knockout from a promotion that can't be named, two fighters squaring off produced a knockout that has made it's way into this edition of "MMA Knockout of the Day."

We'll call the man in the camouflage trunks "Fighter A," and the fighter in the grey trunks "Fighter B."

So the bout starts with Fighter B awkwardly trying to touch gloves with Fighter A. Fighter A comes out and starts with a low leg kick. A couple of fakes and a jab that didn't quite reach its target later, Fighter A lands a punch that sends Fighter B on a first class trip on Air Lights Out with its destination being the mat.

The thud the punch makes already lets you know that the description was right and Fighter B's nose was completely messed up.

Fighter A gets jumped by one of his cornermen and Fighter B looks like a man who is just too blasted to get back up.

Now if the description in the video is correct, Fighter B had to have his nose reconstructed after receiving that punch, which I fully believe from just hearing that thud.

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