PUMA's Women's Soccer Training Line: Taking a Look at the Summer Styles

Lauren Green@lgreenWPSoccerCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2011

PUMA's Women's Soccer Training Line: Taking a Look at the Summer Styles

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    "Pretty, yet Powerful"  That's what PUMA is calling its Women's Soccer Training Line.

    PUMA released its Women's Soccer Training line at the start of the spring.  The summer additions provide bright, comfortable attire for the female athlete whether she's training hard or is out relaxing with her friends. 

    The line is geared toward the female soccer player but can be worn by any young female athlete who is looking for something comfortable, fun and athletic both on and off the field.

    All photos are courtesy of PUMA.

Summer Line: Soccer Pullover

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    This soccer pullover features a mesh lined hood and two side zipper pockets.  The dual colored double stripe adds a stylish splash of color.

    The lightweight material makes this the perfect fit for a cool day.

    I really like the pullover - the lightweight material makes it great to wear even on warmer days.  It feels good and looks even better (especially with the white rollover shorts).

Summer Line: Soccer Rollover Short

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    The soccer rollover shorts feature an adjustable waistband and two bright colors combinations - white/hawaiian ocean (pictured) and jasmine green/white.

    These shorts are perfect for the serious athlete training hard, walking on the beach or simply laying out.  The thin, lightweight material staves off the summer heat.

    I think these are the most comfortable shorts I've worn - and that's including five years of club soccer.  They're bright, the blue trim and blue-green PUMA logo give it a definite summer vibe.

Summer Line: Soccer Mesh Tank

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    The soccer mesh tank features a relaxed, racer back cut.  It can be worn by itself, over another tank top or even over a swimsuit.

    Comes in:

    Verry Berry
    Jasmine Green
    Hawaiian Ocean (pictured)

    Currently a SALE item on PUMA's online soccer shop!

    I usually wear this over either another tank or over a swimsuit.  The material is super thin and really light - both of which a huge pluses. 

Summer Line: Soccer Scimmel

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    The PUMA soccer scimmel features a built in sports bra with adjustable straps that allow it to simply be a training tank.

    It's great for running fitness or just going for a long run.  The material leaves few, if any, sweat marks allowing athletes to train hard and still look good.

    My sister is a track/cross country runner and absolutely loves this top, particularly just how comfortable it is.

    It comes in four great colors:

    Jasmine Green (pictured)
    Dahlia Purple (SALE item)
    Shocking Pink (SALE item)

Summer Line: Soccer Statement Jacket

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    The Soccer Statement Jacket features a zip pocket on either side and a moisture wicking finish that's there to keep you dry.

    The jacket is sleek and shiny on the outside, but will keep you warm on chilly mornings or cool afternoons and evenings.

    I absolutely love this jacket - it's really comfortable and is great for cooler mornings and evenings, especially as we get closer to fall.

    Comes in:

    Dahlia Purple/Pink
    White/Verry Berry/Orange
    Dazzling Blue/Hawaiian Blue (pictured)

Summer Line: Soccer Graphic Tee

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    These Soccer Graphic Tees have fun and motivational messages written in bright colors ON bright colors.

    They each feature a scoop neckline and a sleek cut. They are 70% cotton/30% polyester for comfort.

    The slogans feature:

    What's Life Without Goals - Hawaiian Blue
    One Life One Love - Verry Berry
    Lookin 2 Score - White
    Let's Kick It - Hot Coral
    I (soccer ball) U - Black

    I was drawn in to the bright colors first.  I also have a hard time finding graphic tees with soccer phrases that are more than just a regular t-shirt that fit right.

Summer Line: Soccer Capri

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    The Soccer Capri—in a word—comfortable!  They're perfect for lounging around the house on a day off.  Pair them with a bright tank or graphic tee and it's the ideal lounging outfit.

    I absolutely love how comfortable these are.  I find myself curling up in them as PJ's more often than not.  Definitely a must have.

Where You Can Find the Women's Soccer Training Line

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    These are only seven of the additions to PUMA's Women's Soccer Training Line.  You can continue to browse PUMA's Online Shop or Dick's Sporting Goods for more of the Women's Soccer training line.

    *Special thank you to Heather Bouzan and Kathryn Smith at PUMA for providing samples, images and information that went into this review.