WWE: What's the Deal with Johnny Curtis and His Pun Segments?

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IJune 30, 2011

For the past few weeks, NXT season-four winner Johnny Curtis has appeared in short vignettes hyping himself up.

What differentiates his segments from the other "debuts" is that each one is a play on words, based on a pun.

Nobody really knows why this is happening, or what it's going to lead to, but each pun gets cheesier and more annoying as time goes on. He has actually garnered heat despite the clarity of his face/heel alignment unknown to the masses.

The first promo he cut took place a few months following his NXT victory, from which time he had been seldom seen. In this segment, he said that despite the fact that he is not going to receive a title shot, he "isn't going to do what every other superstar does," subsequently pretending to cry as he spills milk over a plate and then himself.

The following segments visualize sayings such as "an ace in the hole," "chip on my shoulder," and "cutting the mustard," the latter suffering a fair amount of boos at the sheer lameness of the joke.

However, he has shown true character throughout each segment and is also becoming one of the most talked-about superstars in recent weeks.

Is a push going to come from this, or is it simply to humiliate him on a world-wide television program?

He has shown some great charisma during these segments, and the past few superstars who have been hyped like he has can be labelled moderately successful (MVP, Alberto Del Rio, etc.), and he is still being associated with R-Truth, who is arguably one of the top stars in WWE now.

Curtis is also showing off an arrogant yet humorous persona in each promo, which could tie into his eventual gimmick. He could debut as a bitter character who hides his disposition under a cheery cloak. Or, maybe, he might play the role of Smackdown's Santino Marella—a talented in-ring worker banished to the realms of constant humiliation and bad jokes.

I think something is definitely brewing around Johnny. The WWE doesn't often hype new, incoming, or returning superstars as much as they have with the NXT winner.

I don't believe he's an "experiment" as some have claimed—Creative has a plan for him, and he may very well make an instant impact on the Smackdown roster.

It's been an exciting show thus far, and Curtis may be the key to taking it that extra step further.