WWE's Randy Orton: Analyzing the Viper's Shoot and His Latest Cry for Attention

RiZESenior Writer IJune 30, 2011

As the dust began to settle on CM Punk’s worked shoot, the IWC was witness to another “shoot” of smaller proportions.

In an obvious attempt to curve some of CM Punk’s attention, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton decided to air out a number of his fellow colleagues in an interview yesterday with 98 KUPD Radio in Tempe, Arizona.

The general response to Orton’s action was split down the middle. Numerous fans admired Orton’s unique sense of humor while others believe Orton’s actions were inexcusable. Upset fans flurried Orton’s Twitter feed, forcing the Viper to issue apology.

I’ll get to that particular subject, but I must say, I am in agreement with the fans who trashed Orton for his actions. Because of this, I've decided to analyze the negative remarks made by Orton during the interview.


Kelly Kelly

The Viper decided to poke fun at Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, who is infamous for dating numerous WWE Superstars. Orton claimed that he could name at least 10 WWE Superstars who have been in a relationship with the Divas Champion.

While Orton and the radio host poked fun at Kelly’s personal life, I was disgusted by Orton’s actions.

Simply put, I believe it was highly unprofessional for Orton to reveal Kelly’s secrets to the wrestling world. As the social networks devoured the story, many wrestling fans sided with Orton, citing that if Punk can wish death upon Mr. McMahon, then Orton can publicize Kelly’s personal life.

I found myself shocked by the comment and the positive reaction to Orton’s interview. For one, Punk’s promo (while improvised) was a work. However, Orton’s actions were not. Orton decided to have fun with the host and used Kelly Kelly as a comedic focal point.

Randy Orton is one of the WWE’s biggest Superstars. Being that the WWE is primarily focused on entertaining kids, Orton’s actions are intolerable. The kids look up to Orton as a role model and for him to stoop this low for a quick laugh displays his lack of professionalism.


The Rock

While Kelly’s private life provided the comical relief for the interview, Orton also decided to criticize The Rock. Orton challenged The Rock’s “I will never leave again” claim by citing an incident that occurred earlier this year. After Orton criticized The Rock for his hollow claim, Johnson allegedly called WWE Management. Orton alleges that Johnson was angry over an Orton interview that criticized The Rock.

Orton claims that The Rock stated that Randy criticized himself and Triple H.

Orton’s comments on Johnson don’t surprise me. The interview Orton is referring to was done some time before WrestleMania 27. Randy harshly criticized Johnson and claimed Cena was an all-around better WWE Superstar than Johnson.

I feel as if it wasn't Orton’s place to disclose this information. The fact that Orton did it for publicity is alerting and should’ve remained behind closed doors.

John Cena 

Kelly Kelly and The Rock weren't the only ones to feel Orton’s comedic wrath. While Orton praised Cena for being better mic worker than anyone, he criticized his wrestling ability.

“When I watch him, I feel he’s a little stiff, hard to move, robotic. It certainly hasn't hurt him. I’m much better than John Cena, but on the mic, he’s light-years ahead of all of us, including The Rock,” Orton said.

Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

At the same time, Orton exposed himself as a hypocrite. To refer to Cena’s wrestling style as robotic echoes a claim hardcore wrestling fans coined last year. Orton has often been criticized for his stiffness in the ring. One occurrence would be during his feud with The Miz.


Orton was attempting his signature rope hung DDT on Alex Riley. The Viper wasn’t careful and almost caused a serious injury to A-Ry.

I find it comical that Mr. Robot himself criticized John Cena for being a robot.



Final Thoughts

Like I stated above, Orton did release an apology to Kelly.

“Yesterday I put my foot in my mouth and I need to try my best to make it right. I owe Kelly K an apology. The fact that she has dated a few guys I work with doesn't make her a bad person, and is also none of my or anyone else’s business. Yesterday I got caught up in a live radio interview and brought Kelly’s personal life into it. It was completely uncalled for. Kelly I hope one day you can forgive me. I do however understand if that doesn't happen. Please everyone trash me all you want, but please drop this topic out of respect for Barb.”

While I believe Orton’s apology may be sincere, this incident shouldn't have occurred in the first place. What does it say about the WWE when their World Champion is criticizing his colleagues?

It’s absolute nonsense and is apparently a display of anything you can do, I can do better.

I find it strange that Orton’s shoot came almost immediately after Punk’s shoot on RAW. Does Orton feel overshadowed by Punk and his impending feud with John Cena? Is the Blue Brand an afterthought at this point?

Whatever Orton’s reasoning behind his actions, I’m positive that this incident will follow Kelly throughout her career.

In the end, we should all commend Randy Orton for plaguing another career.