WWE: 5 Non-American Main Eventers to Look out for in the Future

Peddie OrtonContributor IIIJune 30, 2011

WWE: 5 Non-American Main Eventers to Look out for in the Future

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    All current wrestling fans know that WWE is suffering from top stars now and that they are attempting to create new stars for their future. WWE is aware that by pushing overseas stars, they could see their wrestling product grow in other countries as well. Thus, this slide show will discuss the top five current non-American WWE stars that may take the company to new heights.

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Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara, formally known as Mistico, is WWE’s newest high flyer and is among the best wrestlers in Mexico. Sin Cara (translation: "without a face") debuted in WWE on their raw brand on April 4th, 2011 by saving Daniel Bryan after being attacked by Sheamus. He would later be drafted to Smackdown.

    As we all know, Sin Cara is new to WWE and has yet to win a WWE championship. Nonetheless, he is only 28 years old and will surely be the man to replace Rey Mysterio when he retires. Sin Cara is already known to many fans as Triple H’s favourite wrestler backstage.

    I would say that Sin Cara is getting a really great push, and he is looking to be a promising young star.

    In the future, I see Sin Cara making it big as one of WWE’s biggest non-American superstars. He will surely go on to win some secondary championships and maybe a few World titles.

    Also, look out for Sin Cara in the future because Triple is his boss and he told Cara that if he is having any problems or he wants to work with anyone, just go to him. Now that’s rare. What a lucky guy Sin Cara is.

Justin Gabriel

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    Paul Lloyd, Jr. is a second-generation wrestler from Cape Town, South Africa. He was on the first season of NXT, which was won by Wade Barrett. He made his WWE Raw debut on June 7th as part of the Nexus faction. He would be a part of that faction for six months, winning the Tag Team Championship once with current tag team partner Heath Slater.

    On January 14th, 2011, he would leave the Nexus faction after being taken over by CM Punk to go join his old leader on Smackdown to form a new faction called "The Corre," in which he and Slater won the tag team title twice, thus making them three-time tag team champions. Then on June 10th edition of Smackdown, the Corre came to an end; Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are now seen as a tag team.

    Justin Gabriel is 30 years old and I think he could have a big impact as a single’s star. His 450 splash is one hell of a great move, and that alone could get him to the top. A lot of people think that this could work well towards making him a babyface and propel him to the top. I think so too. He could be a great mid-card wrestler for years to come and finally receiving a Jeff Hardy-type push to the top.

    I expect big things from Justin Gabriel. He is a young son of WWE, who have already pinned some of WWE’s biggest stars clean.

Wade Barrett

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    From Manchester, England, Wade Barrett is the winner of the first season of NXT, former leader of Nexus, former leader of The Corre and a former Intercontinental Champion.

    Wade, 30, was born to be a leader of a faction and a heel. He became very serious in his heel work, and his move set are not that back. His only weak point appears to be his finisher, The Wasteland, which is just not that dominant.

    Barrett had one great feud with John Cena last year and he now looks to be one of WWE’s main guys heading into the future. He could be one of the biggest heels of his era, and likely a World Champion sooner than later if he is booked right. Barrett will also howcase WWE’s foreign talents.


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    The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus is from Ireland. He is 33 years old and is already an established main eventer in WWE. He is one of WWE’s future stars to look out for. He is the best heel in the company in terms of dominance, and he has been in this role since he debuted in 2009.

    In December of that year, he won his first WWE Title by beating John Cena in a Tables Match at TLC PPV. He would then lose the title two months later, thereby setting up a feud with Triple H for a big match at Wrestlemania.

    After his feud with the King of Kings, he went on to win his second WWE Title from Cena again. This reign would last even longer than his first. After losing his second WWE Title to Randy Orton, Sheamus went on to win the King of the Ring before entering a losing streak. He eventually won the United States Championship from Daniel Bryan. Since losing the U.S. title, Sheamus has been fighting to get into the main event on Smackdown.

    Things could not stay down for Sheamus. He is one of the best heels in the company today and has much more to look forward to. In the future, I think he will do well as a heel or a face, and he will be a World Champion once again.

Alberto Del Rio

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    This big question today is when Alberto Del Rio will win his rightfully deserved World Title.

    Del Rio is one of WWE’s fastest-raising stars has a lot to offer to the business. From San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Del Rio is 34 years old and has made a huge impact in the year since his debut. The 2011 winner of the 40-man Royal Rumble came to WWE as a rich Mexican and comes out every night with a different car.

    Apart from that, he is currently in a feud with Rey Mysterio, who he feuded with upon debuting with the company. He also feuded with Edge before Edge’s retirement, if not for which he would have been World Champion.

    Well, I will not predict what is in store for Del Rio in the future because, “We already know that.”


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