The Quest To Find the Greatest Quarterback in NFL History

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IOctober 30, 2008

Welcome, my friends, to the article that will once and for all determine the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

After watching countless hours of NFL analysis of quarterbacks, I have always wondered, who is the greatest? I have always thought (well, I still do think) that those "experts" don't know anything about football. I believe that informed common fans have a more respectable opinion than those "experts."

I have tried to come up with the greatest quarterback for so long, yet each quarterback has their own compelling arguments.

Then I came across Bleacher Report. Bleacher Report will act as the resource that will allow me to finally figure out who is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.


The Quest

The quest is simple. To compile a top-10 list of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and ultimately determine the Lord of Quarterbacks.


The Men and Women That Will Take This Feat

I am looking for as many people as possible to contribute to this historic list. Everyone and anyone is welcome. The only criteria are that you know what a quarterback is and you understand there is no Heisman in the NFL.


How To Take Part in the Quest

Simply comment below that you would like to take part in the quest. I will contact you all with my email, at which time you will send me your top 10 quarterbacks of all time. There is no limit to people that can take part. I need AS MANY OPINIONS AS POSSIBLE.

The following are correct examples of a legal commitment to The Quest:
"David, I would like to take part in The Quest."
"David, let me in on this historic Quest"
"David, I want to make history and give you my top 10 quarterbacks"
"David, I want in. What’s this corny stuff about a Quest?"


The System

The system will be a rudimentary points system.
The higher you rank a quarterback, the more points he will receive.

Here is the official points system for "The Quest" to find the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

1-   14 points
2-   11 points
3-    9 points
4-    7 points
5-    6 points
6-    5 points
7-    4 points
8-    3 points
9-    2 points
10-  1 point


Almost done...

Even though I have expressed my "dislike" for the opinions of experts, I cannot deny their knowledge of the game. Therefore, I will include the Top 10 quarterbacks list from ESPN and Sporting News Weekly. If you know of any other such lists out there, let me know in your commitment comment.

Lastly, I only have two requests for my brave associates that will take part in this daunting task.

1) Be as neutral as possible. Consider everything, stats, Super Bowl wins, skills, the teams they played on, the players they had around them, their opponents, the era, EVERYTHING. I only want serious lists. Be as unbiased as possible.

2) Do not; I repeat, Do NOT include Joe Namath on your top 10 list. He is the most overrated athlete in football history. If it was not for his little guarantee, his name would be nothing outside of New York. If Joe Namath is on any lists, I will not take it. We all know he is not a top 10 quarterback. That’s final.*


The Final Word

That’s it, think long and hard if you wish to partake in this incredible task. Read up on everything that is the quarterback. Learn all the names, don't be the fool that forgets Johnny Unitas! Take every rank SERIOUSLY. It could sway the final list. Good luck to all that choose to embark on this journey. I will be in contact with you shortly.





*Of course I’m kidding. I will take your list even if you have Joe Namath on there. I was merely trying to express my feelings on him being completely overrated. I think you all know who will not be on my list.