Tom Brady: The 8 Worst Moments in the Patriots Quarterback's Career

Ben SullivanCorrespondent IJune 30, 2011

Tom Brady: The 8 Worst Moments in the Patriots Quarterback's Career

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    Tom Brady has had an illustrious career in the NFL

    His time with the Patriots has been filled with plenty of highs, including three Super Bowl victories and two NFL MVP awards. 

    He’s a guy that seems like he has it all, the supermodel girlfriend, the jet-set lifestyle and the professional success. 

    But even for Tom Brady there have been some bad times too. 

    Here are the eight worst moments in his career

8. The Lawyer Milloy Grudge-Match Game

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    Brady and the Patriots came into this game with more questions than answers about the team. 

    Bill Belichick had recently released veteran team leader Lawyer Malloy, who was quickly scooped up by the division-rival Buffalo Bills

    And who did the team have to face in the first game of the season, at their home stadium no less? That’s right, those same Buffalo Bills. 

    The Patriots were entering the 2003 season with a lot to prove. Sure, they had won a Super Bowl in 2001, but had failed to even make the playoffs in 2002. 

    Were they for real? More importantly, was Tom Brady for real? He already had an uphill battle to be considered a top NFL quarterback because he wasn’t drafted until the sixth round of the draft. 

    Instead of quieting those doubters Brady took the team into Buffalo and played on of his worst games as a pro. He threw four interceptions and no touchdowns. To add insult to injury he was severely outplayed by Drew Bledsoe, the same quarterback that many at the time thought should still be leading the Patriots.

7. Waiting Until the 6th Round to Be Drafted

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    Getting drafted into the NFL should be one of the best moments of a professional football player’s life. 

    Not when you wait, and wait, and then wait some more to hear your name called. 

    Despite showing that he was a leader who knew how to win games at the University of Michigan, Tom Brady wasn’t drafted until the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. 

    He wasn’t the type of player that the league was looking for back then, or even now for that matter. His 40 time left plenty to be desired and his arm wasn’t the strongest on display at the combine that year. 

    But instead of feeling bad for himself, Brady showed the character that would make him an all-time great when he showed up in Foxboro. He used the negativity involved in his draft experience as motivation, motivation that fueled his hall-of-fame career.

6. The Baltimore Ravens Embarrass the Patriots at Home in the Playoffs

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    This game was over as soon as it began. 

    The Patriots came out with no emotion and failed to execute from the very first possession of the game, which quickly ended with Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice slicing through the Pats defense for an 83-yard touchdown run. 

    Brady played his worst playoff game to that point, throwing three interceptions and having four turnovers. 

    For a team and a player that always came through in the playoffs for all those years, this kind of demoralizing loss was truly brutal.

5. Meltdown in Miami

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    The Patriots came riding high into this game on a Monday night late in the 2004 season against the Miami Dolphins

    They were on top of the football world, the defending Super Bowl Champions cruising through the regular season on their way to a second-consecutive Lombardi trophy. 

    On this December night the team was heading into Miami to take care of business and get a win against a seriously inferior foe. Things were going according to plan until late in the fourth quarter. 

    The Patriots were up by five points with less than two minutes to. They always won these games back in those years. 

    That was until Brady, captain clutch himself, threw an ill-advised interception with Dolphins sack artist Jason Taylor pulling him to the ground. The poor throw gave Miami a first down at the Patriots 21-yard line. A.J. Feeley threw the winning touchdown and the game was lost.

4. Patriots Get Upset by the Trash-Talking Jets

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    Losing in the playoffs always hurts, but it hurts that much more when the loss is to your biggest rival. 

    The Pats and Jets have been playing each other for decades, and the bad blood has gotten worse in recent years. 

    Ever since Rex Ryan arrived in New York the Jets have made it clear that they’re gunning for the Patriots, and their spot at the top of the AFC East pecking order. 

    Brady came into this game riding high, he was the NFL MVP during the regular season and had torn up the vaunted New York defense to the tune of a 45-3 win on a Monday night earlier in the season. Brady had four touchdowns in that game and was looking forward to the playoff rematch. 

    As if there wasn’t enough hype for the game, the Jets spent the week leading up to it running their mouths, which seemed all the more crazy after that embarrassing Monday night loss. 

    Well, it turned out it was Brady and the Patriots who were embarrassed after a 28-21 loss to their brash rivals.

3. The 2006 AFC Championship Game

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    This game is one of my most memorable moments as a sports fan. 

    I was the typical ultra confident Pats fan, like we all were at the time. I had seen the team come through in every possible situation. I had no fear as a football fan, I knew when the time came Tom Brady was going to lead us to victory. 

    After all, Tom was the guy who always came through in the clutch. I knew when he stepped onto that field in the old RCA Dome with one minute left, down by four points, that he was going to do something I would remember for the rest of my life. 

    Too bad I was right. 

    Instead of doing another Joe Montana impersonation, Brady threw an interception to Colts defensive back Marlin Jackson that sealed the devastating loss.  

    This was the game, and that was the play, that reminded me that Tom Brady is actually human, that he was born on this planet like the rest of us.

2. Super Bowl XLII

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    The Helmet Catch. Three words that make any New England Patriots fan cringe. 

    The rest of the world may look at that play as one of the all-time greats, but I’m sure that Tom Brady can’t stand the thought of it. 

    That Super Bowl should have been the coronation of one of the best football teams ever assembled. 

    Instead it turned out to be the first time that Tom Brady stepped onto the biggest stage in sports and failed. 

    The Giants pass rush was in his face the whole game, and the prolific Patriots passing attack never got off the ground.

1. The Knee Injury

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    Any professional athlete will tell you that the worst thing that can happen is a devastating injury. 

    In the first game, on the first drive, of the 2008 season, Brady’s left knee was rolled into by Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. The play was so suspect that during the ensuing offseason the league put a rule in place that made it illegal from that point on. 

    2008 was going to be the year that Brady cemented himself as one of the best quarterbacks the game had ever seen. He was primed to repeat his statistical dominance from ’07, and was as hungry as ever to get another Super Bowl victory. 

    Instead his season was cut brutally short, and he had to watch the team go on without him. 

    His absence from the game that year led to rampant speculation that his best years were behind him. 

    But as is his style, Tom used the pain from being at his lowest professional point to fuel his hunger for greatness, and has come back as great as always, winning a second MVP in 2010.