Football Transfer Rumours: Top 15 South Americans Linked to Moves in Europe

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJune 30, 2011

Football Transfer Rumours: Top 15 South Americans Linked to Moves in Europe

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    Some of the most historic players of all time have come out of South America. All the European teams are looking for the next big thing when they go through the talent-filled leagues. They find exceptional talent in Argentina and Brazil.

    Some of the South American players who have been discovered and brought to Europe also have a lot of uncertainty surrounding their club situations.

    So while these proven players are being coveted by clubs, so are their younger counterparts.

    A lot of South American players are likely to be on the move, whether it is to start their careers in Europe or to prolong them.

    Here is a list of the top 15 South Americans who will be on the move.

Neymar Da Silva Santos Júnior

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    Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is one of the most talked about players from South America right now.

    Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid have all been linked to the Santos playmaker so far this summer.

    Neymar is a unique Brazilian talent who is young but has an ego to go with it.

    It will be interesting to watch his transfer saga, but he will heading to Europe this summer.

Lucas Rodrigues Moura Da Silva

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    Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva is a central attacking midfielder who has made a good name for himself at the age of just 18.

    He signed a contract with his current team Sao Paulo when he was 13 and he has made it through their ranks at the club and has become a pivotal player for them.

    He has also made a name for himself at Youth teams in Brazil.

    All of his hard work has paid off with him being called in for two games for Brazil.

    Lucas will be moving in the near future and teams are on alert now. He will be great addition to any number of big clubs, but he would fit the best in the German Bundesliga.

    (Sorry, it is hard to find a picture of him that is not copyrighted.)

    The Bundesliga plays with a close eye on technique and this is a quality about the league that will help Lucas take the next step in his career.

Alejandro Martinuccio

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    Alejandro Martinuccio is a playmaker. He has the capability not only to play that final deadly ball but also be able to play off another striker and make that run that stretches the backline.

    He has the capability to be a great player in any of the top leagues. The one issue is that he seems very comfortable with his club situation with Penarol in Uruguay.

    He has become the fulcrum of the club's attack and this was showcased in the Copa Libertadores.

    Roma is a likely destination if Martinuccio decides to leave his club, but that is a big if.

Sergio Araujo

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    Sergio Araujo is a talented young player who has not yet gotten his chance to make his mark with his club team, Boca Juniors in Argentina.

    Araujo has had limited playing time, but he has loads of potential and as a forward, he is a player that many teams have been scouting.

    Both Barcelona and Real Madrid want to take the youngster to Spain.

    He will develop very well in the reserves for either team until his time comes to impact the first team. 

Erik Lamela

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    Erik Lamela is another talented attacking midfielder on this list. River Plate, his storied Argentine club, has gotten relegated and is facing uncertainty financially, which might force their hand when it comes to whether they can keep Lamela.

    Lamela has had interest from Napoli and Juventus in the Serie A. Both clubs will be good fits for Lamela, but Napoli is the more likely one to land his signature.

    With Napoli in the Champions League next season, this could be perfect for Lamela. He would most likely see early Champions League play and other competitions with the Serie A club.

    It might be a little bit of time before Lamela is getting Serie A minutes, but he has the talent to be a big player in the future for Napoli.

Javier Pastore

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    Javier Pastore is a proven commodity in Europe. He can make a whole game change.

    Pastore will move but it will depend on how Palermo’s president Maurizio Zamparini views it.

    Zamparini has made very out-there comments about the price of Pastore. He rates him as if at 22, he has already reached the status of superstardom.

    Pastore is a very talented player and with the right movem he will become a superstar, but he is not there yet.

Carlos Tevez

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    Carlos Tevez is the ultimate hard-nosed player with an outstandingly high work rate. He is the kind of player who can make something happen to change an entire game.

    He is the captain of Manchester City but has been homesick for a long time. This would point to him moving back to Argentina, but many teams around Europe instead think that a change of scenery will cure him.

    It is understandable why clubs would want to convince Tevez of this. He is a franchise player who can bring in trophies.

Ezequiel Lavezzi

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    Ezequiel Lavezzi is similar to his Argentinian counterpart Carlos Tevez. He plays with fire and heart using his strength and foot skills to beat defensive players.

    He is by no means another Carlos Tevez, but he is a player of similar style.

    It is no wonder why Roberto Mancini considers Lavezzi to be Tevez’s replacement if Tevez decides to move this summer.

Alexis Sanchez

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    Alexis Sanchez is the very talented Udinese striker who has one foot out the door. The Chilean player has been heavily courted by Barcelona and he seems just as in awe of the club as they are of him and rightly so.

    Sanchez has very good playmaking ability and he has the team first mentality that Pep Guardiola likes with his players.

    For the Barcelona system to work, the players have to have very high soccer IQ and believe in the system.

    Well, Sanchez certainly has a very high soccer IQ and he would fit well into the system, and most likely this means he would believe in it.

Sergio Aguero

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    Sergio Aguero is a very talented striker who, at the age of 23, has not even showed his full potential yet.

    He is likely to move away from Atletico Madrid to a bigger club.

    If Aguero can find a situation where he has players surrounding him who will find him making runs that get him behind the defense, he will excel. If he is forced to do a lot of the grunt work himself, he will not.

    This is something he will not have to deal with, though, because with a team such as Chelsea or Juventus, Aguero will get the support he needs.

Roque Santa Cruz

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    Roque Santa Cruz was a signing that Manchester City splashed cash on to get but now are trying to offload him.

    With no one wanting to spend the kind of money Manchester City wants on him, Santa Cruz may have to go out on loan again because he will not even make the bench at Eastlands.

    Roberto Mancini will more than likely bring in even more players to an already very strong group of strikers and forwards, which means there is little to no place for the Paraguayan.

    The most likely destination is back to E Wood Park to be on loan with Blackburn for another season.

Diego Ribas Da Cunha

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    Diego Ribas da Cunha has caught the eye of many clubs with his performances at Wolfsburg. He is a hard-nosed attacking midfielder with great passing ability and outstanding field vision to go with it.

    Diego will move out of the Bundesliga and most likely command the offense of a club like Aston Villa in the Premier League this season.

    He is the kind of player who could be a solid figure in an Alex McLeish system. He is a hard worker who plays defense but also will unleash the game-changing ability to get the one goal they need.

Ángelo José Henríquez Iturra

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    Ángelo José Henríquez Iturra is a talented Chilean forward who is a 17-year-old with humongous upside.

    If he can land in the right situation that will allow him to fight for a spot every day even if it is only to get on the bench, it will benefit him.

    He just needs to be challenged by training with the top players in the world every day and it could happen this summer.

    Manchester United was reported to be scouting him and getting prepared to offer a 3 million pound transfer fee to land the young Chilean.

    Being under Sir Alex Ferguson could be exactly what he needs to fulfill his potential.

Bryan Paul Carrasco Santos

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    Bryan Paul Carrasco Santos is a right back who can also play as a right winger.

    He is the type of player who is a good defender but can also get into the attack when he is needed. He is a good crosser who some team is going to want to bring in and groom into their system.

    He will do great in Europe and this summer is the time that he will make the move.

    Barcelona and Real Madrid both want the signature of Carrasco Santos, and he will do well in Spain.

Paulo Henrique Chagas De Lima

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    Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima, also known as Ganso, is a player like Neymar who many teams will want. He has made it clear that he wants to leave Santos and this has made most top teams go on red alert.

    He is a talented player who will be able to play as a “number 10” for a big club.

    Two clubs that have been actively linked with Ganso have been Inter Milan and AC Milan.

    AC Milan seem like they could be the perfect fit for Ganso. He has the mentality that would make him succeed at the red and black side of the San Siro.

    But their bitter rivals also see him as a player that could do well for them.

    Where he goes this summer will be a very interesting story to watch.