The 25 Greatest Trick Plays in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIJuly 9, 2011

The 25 Greatest Trick Plays in Sports

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    He fakes to the left, passes to the right and then—oh wait, what is he doing? Did he just jump over that guy like a hurdle?

    Trick plays like these are what many sports fans live for. They only happen on rare occasions, but when they do and they are successful, they leave the other team, fans and even some of their own teammates staring.

    Here is a list of 25 of the best trick plays in sports.

No. 25: South Carolina Tricks Kentucky with Secret Pass Off

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    This is a great trick play.

    South Carolina passes off the ball several times, keeping it from being seen by Kentucky and keeping the Wildcats guessing where the ball is, while another one of its players runs down the field to get in position to catch and score.

No. 24: Isolation by the Redskins

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    In this move, the Washington Redskins create an isolation to give their players time and space to make the touchdown.

    While the maneuver didn't work this particular time, it was still obviously a little confusing and surprising for the other team. 

No. 23: Team Catches Opponent Off Guard

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    In this trick play, the team in white seems to catch the team in black off guard with their only half-ready appearance on the field, which gives one player the chance to run down the field, while their quarterback can set up the pass without being worried about being tackled.

No. 22: Keep Away

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    In this classic baseball trick play, a member of the team in the infield pretends to throw the ball back to the pitcher but actually keeps the ball.

    When the runner thinks he's safe and begins to lean away from the base, the infielder still with the ball runs up and tags him out.

    Classic trickery on this team's part.

No. 21: Alabama Makes Fake Run Against Arkansas

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    In this awesome trick play, an Alabama player secretly hands off the ball to a teammate behind him but continues to run down the field as if he has the ball and is going for the touchdown.

    While the rest of the Arkansas team chases down the player they think has the ball, the guy actually with the ball sets up a beautiful pass and throws it to another open teammate down the field, allowing Alabama to score.

No. 20: Pretend Trip Up and Loss of Ball

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    In this quick little soccer play, the player with the ball pretends to trip over the ball as he is dribbling but really kicks it between the legs of the two guys defending him, setting himself up to take the shot and score on goal.

No. 19: The Pop and Roll

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    In this beautiful trick play, Bethel College's quarterback pops the ball up and back behind himself to one of his receivers, who is then able to keep himself upright just enough to score.

No. 18: Cleveland Browns Secret Handoff

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    In a series of confusing and lightning-fast handoffs, the Cleveland Browns are able to conceal the whereabouts of the ball and run the ball down the field and score.

No. 17: The Fake Field Goal

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    In this classic trick play, LSU fakes a field goal and then runs in for the touchdown.

No. 16: Fake Lacrosse Pass Off

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    Similar to the classic hidden ball trick in baseball, in this trick play a player pops the ball up as if he's passing it off to a teammate but in all actuality still has possession of the ball.

    He's then able to score while everyone else is looking the other way.

    Very sneaky.

No. 15: Pretend Fumble and Recover

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    The Patriots fake a fumble to distract their opponents, and when one of their teammates has had a chance to run up the field and get open, they recover it and pass for the score.

No. 14: Ole Miss Secret Handoff

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    Ole Miss pulls one of the greatest secret pass-offs of all time in this play.

    At the beginning of the play, they hike the ball to one player, who then immediately, while still crouched down, hands it off to another and then runs like he still has the ball.

    The guy actually with the ball is then able to easily set up and execute a run, earning Ole Miss a touchdown.

No. 13: The Fake Throw

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    In this trick play, the pitcher pretends to throw to his teammate guarding the base, and when everyone runs for the ball that wasn't actually thrown, the pitcher runs after and tags out the player on that base.

No. 12: Hidden Ball Lacrosse Trick

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    This may be one of the greatest fake passing runs ever to be played in lacrosse.

    In this play, Boston creates a fake handoff, tricking the goalie and allowing it to score

    The play was so smooth and secretive that the other team didn't even seem to know that the other player didn't actually have the ball.

No. 11: Is There Something Wrong with the Ball?

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    Is there something wrong with the ball, coach?

    Nope, that's just a ploy this team used to trick its opponent into inaction in this play.

No. 10: Cleveland Browns Secret Pass and Score

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    Here is another amazing trick play from the Cleveland Browns.

    In this one, the Browns pass it off shortly and secretly several times to keep the other team guessing where the ball has gone.

    While they're doing this, Brian Robiskie runs down the field and gets open to catch the pass and score a touchdown.

No. 9: UC Irvine Gets LSU with Hidden Ball Trick

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    In this amazing trick play, a player from UC Irvine knows he has no hope of getting the ball to third base before an LSU player touches it, so he fakes a throw to the base.

    After the fake, he ran up and tagged the runner at second base; it was so convincing and well done that the umpire called the LSU player out, actually believing he was tagged out even though it was late.

No. 8: Presbyterian College Trick Play Against Wake Forest

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    This is what I would like to call a bounce pass—and no, it isn't a basketball trick. It's actually a football trick.

    In this play, one player bounces the ball across the field to his teammate, making the other team believe there has been an incomplete pass.

    But the ball is actually recovered, and while all of that distraction was going on, another player got into the perfect position to catch the still live ball and score a touchdown.

No. 7: Fake Catch and Throw

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    In this foreign baseball game, an outfielder pretends to catch what was nearly a home run and then proceeds to throw the ball back to the infield, keeping the runners from advancing as far as they could have.

No. 6: Left Fake

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    This dodge is so effective and convincing that the player is able to shake off all defenders and run the ball for 98 yards down the field.

No. 5: The Fake Pass Around

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    This is the greatest trick lacrosse play ever.

    In it, one team pretends to pass the ball around and around, but in all actuality, only one player keeps the ball in his pocket.

    Then, when the other team is thoroughly confused about where the ball actually is, they go for the score.

No. 4: Fake Punt and Touchdown

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    Here is an great example of how effective the fake punt can be.

    In this clip, the team running the play was actually able to score a touchdown off the fake.

No. 3: Wrong Ball Play

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    This is one hilarious and amazing trick play.

    Here, the maroon team fakes like the ball it has is not the game ball and then hands the ball off to the quarterback. While the other team is confused about why the ball isn't the right one, the quarterback runs down the field and scores.

No. 2: Pretend Fall

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    This is one tricky, and potentially dangerous, trick play.

    One player approaching the ball pretends to fall, while another player comes up from behind and then steals the ball from his fallen teammate, creating confusion about who really has the ball on the field.

    I wonder how many people have gotten kicked or hit in the head with the ball in this play.

No. 1: The Walk Up

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    This is by far the greatest trick play ever to have been used legally in a game.

    Here, the quarterback is gently handed the ball and begins to just walk forward while the rest of his team stays in starting position, making it look like the play hasn't started yet, which causes the other team not to move either.

    Once the quarterback has cleared the defensive line, he takes off running full sprint and scores with no one in his way to stop him.