New York Yankees: Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, and Baseball Coolest Guys

Jordan Hall@@jordan_hall23Correspondent IJune 30, 2011

New York Yankees: Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, and Baseball Coolest Guys

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    It's easy to like Albert Pujols. Who doesn’t like Cliff Lee?

    Baseball is riddled with talented players with no personality. There is plenty of good guys in the game as well. Guys with personality are far more fun to root for as they are far more personable. I like to refer to these guys as Bros.

    Bros are guys that you would like to go on a fishing trip or play XBox 360 with. The New York Yankees, despite being seen as the evil empire, have a lot of cool players that should definitely be rooted for.

    Here is a team full of the coolest guys in baseball at each position and why they can be described as such.

1. Jose Reyes SS New York Mets

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    Brose Reyes always seems to be smiling. He is an electric player that is continually improving his game.

    He showed great determination in returning from injury. He always seems to be having fun while on the diamond, even smiling as he was making a barehanded play several weeks ago.

    This guy would be killer to play Madden with.

2. Curtis Granderson CF New York Yankees

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    When Granderson was traded to the Yankees, the city of Detroit seemed like it was mourning for about a week.

    He has an infectious smile and works tirelessly in his communities. He always seems to have the best walk-up songs and is always swag in the outfield.

    If I am calling up guys for a pick up basketball game, Curtis is definitely on my list.

3. Joe Mauer C Minnesota Twins

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    The commercials that Bro Mauer appeared in for The Show were hilarious. He seems to have way more personality than any other player in Minnesota; any team.

    He has a cannon and was an all around Bro in high school, playing basketball and football along with baseball. Touche Mauer. 

4. Bryce Harper DH Washington Nationals

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    This is the one that will cause the most debate, but just think it through with me.

    Every group of friends has “that guy;” the guy that is a little full of himself, yet because of it, is hilarious. I think that’s Harper.

    Obviously, you could ask him how good he is and he would tell you, but the thing is: he’s amazing. The kiss toward the pitcher, the eye black going down his face, the leaving high school early to enroll in a junior college; this kid is full of himself.

    He’s the guy that's tackling people in two-hand touch football but definitely the guy who buys the Dew after.

5. Hunter Pence RF Houston Astros

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    Hunter is a throwback. He looks like a ballplayer straight out of the '50s. Every friend group needs someone who doesn't take things for granted.

    Pence was not born with the most physical talent but has worked for everything he has achieved. He is the guy that will go to the gym with you and push you to do that extra set of bench.

6. Nick Swisher 1B New York Yankees

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    I have never seen a professional athlete that smiles as much as Swisher. You can tell that he loves where he is at and is grounded.

    He plays hard and has no issue getting dirty. He just seems like he would be great to hang out with. I would definitely play MLB 2K11 with him any day.

7. Logan Morrison LF Florida Marlins

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    Logan Morrison, or LoMo as he is known, is on the up and up when it comes to league popularity.

    His use of Twitter endears him to his fans as he has over 43,000 followers. He is funny, witty, sarcastic and off color.

    He would be an absolute riot to hang out with as he would have you continually in stitches. If I could pick a foursome of all time MLB players to play 18 with, he would definitely be in it.

8. Ryan Raburn 2B Detroit Tigers

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    While Raburn’s bat has struggled this season, he undoubtedly would still be a cool guy to chill with. Raburn is a good old boy, that is clearly a truck guy.

    If you needed someone to go muddin’ or cow tippin’ with, Raburn is your man.

9. Juan Uribe 3B Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Let’s be honest, Juan is bringing the chicken wings.

UTL Bromar Vizquel Chicago White Sox

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    Vizquel has been around the league 22 seasons. He has got to have some amazing stories from all those years in the bigs.

    Every friend group needs a story teller. Vizquel could definitely fill that role. He seems like a real chill guy who could entertain you to no end with stories about everyone from Kenny Lofton to Ozzie Guillen.

Ace Clay Buchholz RHP Boston Red Sox

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    The commercial for Sunday Night Baseball that show him singing Sweet Caroline sums him up, in my opinion.

    He seems like a guy that is willing to do or so anything. Those type of people are cool to hang out with and keep things lively. B

    uchholz is the guy that leaves his number on the receipt for the waitress, only for the story.

2. A.J. Burnett RHP New York Yankees

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    Nobody gives a shaving cream pie to the face like Burnett. You seemingly see him on SportsCenter more for that than his actual play.

    He seems like a prankster and a joker. You would need to keep your eyes open around him, but he would be a real Bro to hang out with.

3. Jair Jurrjens RHP Atlanta Braves

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    Jurrjens is definitely the lady killer of the group. He just looks like a Bro.

4. R.A. Dickey RHP New York Mets

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    Dickey has made a nice career for himself in the Big Apple with his knuckle-ball. Like most lefties, knuckleballers are notoriously a little off.

    He appears to be a little quirky, and who doesn't like hanging out with a guy with idiosyncrasies? 

5. Jeremy Hellickson RHP Tampa Bay Rays

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    Hellickson looks like he’s about 12. In my experience, the guys who look the most innocent frequently are the least.

    I don't know this for a fact, but I have a hunch that this applies to Jeremy. I bet he would be a wild guy to hang out with. Regardless, he would be the guy everyone jokes with because of his baby-face.

Closer Brian Wilson RHP San Francisco Giants

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    Just look at him; the dude is nuts.

    He refers to his beard as a separate entity. It may in fact be living. He is just crazy. I think it would be unbelievable to hang out with him.

Set Up Brandon League RHP Seattle Mariners

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    He's got a mohawk, lots of tats and a blazing fastball. He is practically Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn incarnate.

    I he doesn't appear to have the fiery temperament that Vaughn did but is still a great competitor. He would be a great guy to play Tiger Woods 12 with on a Sunday afternoon.

Manager Joe Maddon Tampa Bay Rays

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    Bro Maddon: the guy has dyed his hair several times to fit in with the guys. He always has his players' backs. He is a consummate player's manager.

    He seems like he would have a wealth of knowledge on a bunch of random topics, which would be particularly useful as your mobile shout-out if you ever wind up on Cash Cab.

    Agree with me? Think someone else is more of a Bro? 

    Let me know