WWE: Drew McIntyre's Long Fall from Fame, Can He Bounce Back?

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 30, 2011

In 2009, if you asked the daily WWE viewer who Drew McIntyre was he'd be able to answer in a heartbeat.

"The Chosen One."

Now, 2011, if you ask a WWE viewer who Drew McIntyre is he may call him a jobber. A loser. An after thought.

Drew McIntyre made his WWE presence known after he decimated R-Truth in a short feud and was dubbed a "Future World Champion" and to be "The Chosen One" by the chairman himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

The Miz hand selected McIntyre to be on his team in the annual five-on-five Survivor Series elimination tag team match.

In that match, "The Chosen One" eliminated Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy to help his team to victory. McIntyre was the only SmackDown superstar to withstand the entire match.

At WWE's TLC pay-per-view event, McIntyre captured his first championship after defeating John Morrison.

After WrestleMania 26, McIntyre became involved in a heated feud with Matt Hardy. McIntyre dropped his Intercontinental title to Kofi Kingston at Over the Limit and shortly began tag teaming with "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

McIntyre and Rhodes won tag team gold at Night of Champions but would lose the belts at Bragging Rights. After losing the tag team titles Rhodes and McIntyre split and went separate ways.

Like Legacy, Rhodes found more success than his former tag team partner.

McIntyre would be sparingly used on SmackDown for the remainder of 2010 and eventually drafted to RAW in late April.

The move to WWE's flagship show hasn't been such a successful transition for the former "Chosen One." Drew would not be used in any feuds and hardly in any matches.

Now McIntyre competes on WWE's Internet show, Superstars.

Drew stated that he was fed up of the "United States of lies" and nicknamed himself "The Great American Nightmare."

Drew calls himself "The Great American Nightmare." Ha, McIntyre is living a nightmare right now.

How can he go from "The future world champion; The Chosen One" to "The Jobbing One"?

Drew has all the making of a World Champion but his career dried up quicker than Christian's World Heavyweight Championship reign.

What happened?

McIntyre must have PO'd someone big in WWE or something.

He was being made into the WWE's "next big thing" in 2009 just to become a jobber to guys like Zack Ryder?

It's a shame about how terribly he has been booked recently.

This past Monday, RAW Roulette, I thought Drew may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. McIntyre addressed DDP and Booker T.

He told Booker and DDP that they were taking up his TV time.

McIntyre told Booker and DDP to leave or else they'll be leaving on stretchers.

Is this the Drew McIntyre from 2009? Finally someone brought back "The Chosen One." The future of the WWE is Drew McIntyre, right?


Drew McIntyre just told off multi-time World Champions Booker T and DDP only to get super kicked by WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels?

Drew McIntyre, possible future of the WWE, keeps getting buried.

Future World Champion to Intercontinental Champion to World Tag Team Champion to competing on Superstars to jobbing and finally: being a punching bag for retired wrestlers?

This has been one hell of a nightmare for McIntyre and his WWE career.

He is standing in quicksand and is sinking at an unbelievable rate. Once viewed as the future of the WWE, McIntyre is now a loser.

 Just when it seems like he can't fall any lower WWE keeps pushing him down.

Why is McIntyre being held down?

Drew has the skills and could take those skills elsewhere being IMPACT Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan or anywhere.

WWE makes this mistake too many times.

The WWE doesn't realize what true talents it has. 

Carlito, MVP, Matt Hardy, Luke Gallows, Matt Morgan, Mr. Kennedy, Chavo Guerrero, Jimmy Wang Yang, Kaval, soon to be CM Punk and possibly Drew McIntyre.

All those guys list, and more, are/were underutilized by the WWE. They didn't get the proper chance they deserve and now are gone.

Most of those guys listed are finding more success in other organizations.

Drew McIntyre can very well be the latest addition to that list.

He is underrated, misused and horribly booked. I wouldn't be surprised if the two parties [WWE and McIntyre] decided to part ways.

Drew McIntyre deserves better. He was once billed as the future of the WWE. It has been a very long fall from fame for the Scottish Superstar, Drew McIntyre.

Question is: Can McIntyre bounce back?

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