Who Wants It More? Miami Or Denver?

Carlos HillContributor IOctober 30, 2008

Which Broncos team will show up against Miami? Denver has the ability to beat any franchise in the league...but also the fault of losing to some underdogs.

The bye week has given the Broncos time to heal and re-evaluate their strategies. Many strong players are coming back healthy and prepared. Furthermore, Jackson can contribute to the receiving core by allowing Cutler to throw the ball around. Denver can operate around the injuries, bumps, and bruises plaguing the offense, for most players are rejuvenated and ready to attack.

Denver maintains a winning record, and just needs to get out of their funk. They are a leader in their division and will continue leading once they get back in the zone. Miami is a mediocre team, so Denver should beat them...but Denver was supposed to beat New England too.

I think Mike Shanahan will establish the running game early, then run multiple play action plays - like those naked bootlegs - to let Cutler hit his men down-field.


Miami: 17

Denver: 24