Oscar De la Hoya-Floyd Mayweather II: A Hard Sell Without Senior

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Oscar De la Hoya-Floyd Mayweather II: A Hard Sell Without Senior
There's not much you can take for granted in this wide world of organized pugilism.  One of the few is Floyd Mayweather, Sr.’s barely comprehensible spouting of complete nonsense, kind of like a lesser Don King.

So it's a pretty big shock when you're reading the boxing section and find yourself in total agreement with him.

What he's been saying to anyone who will listen is that he's still ready to help De la Hoya beat his son provided his $2 million change fee is paid in full.  No real surprise here, just the same old tune we heard during the last fight.  But this time he has better reasoning for the record-breaking trainer's fee.

"Another fight between them wouldn't do anything like it did before without me in the corner...It's brother vs. brother, father vs. son, I'm not looking at it personally, or like a rivalry, but I know people are going to put it the way they want to put it, and that's fine."

I haven't seen many sweet science fans admit it, but he's dead on the mark here.  The De la Hoya-Mayweather II matchup is already unpopular with die-hard fans who would rather see either contender take on the very hungry rising star Miguel Cotto.

Casual fans who expected a slugfest the last time are going to need a hook in order to come back for second helpings.  Obviously, the family drama instigated by Sr.’s satisfies this requirement for the second 24/7 smash hit.

But even more intriguing: Sr. may actually help De la Hoya to do better.   Following the first De la Hoya-Mayweather II more than a couple of people noted that De la Hoya was sorely missing the Sr. who would have been screaming "Oscar, if you don't start throwing that f'ing jab, you're going to lose his fight."

The cool calm support that Freddie Roach offers just didn't do enough for Oscar, compared with the kind of successes he's had with Floyd, Sr.

Still, there's a good argument to be made that Oscar can't win a rematch no matter what happens.  And leading up to this fight a lot of boxing fans will be making that argument.

All the more reason to make sure Floyd, Sr. saves the day.

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