Ozzie Guillen: White Sox Manager Would Be a Good Fit with the Cubs

Daniel MorrillCorrespondent IJune 29, 2011

Guillen's White Sox are just 38-42 this season.
Guillen's White Sox are just 38-42 this season.Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

It’s no secret. 

Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams aren’t getting along. The two have had spats over the years together, but the different mindedness of the two has come to the forefront this season due to the White Sox drastic underachievement thus far.

Currently the two have differing opinions on decisions regarding Juan Pierre, Adam Dunn and Luis Vizcaino, and whether or not one of them will take the fall for Chicago’s season has yet to be determined. If the White Sox turn it around, most likely nothing will happen. If they don’t, there’s a strong possibility that the Guillen-Williams era could easily come to an end.

If Ozzie gets the shaft, the Florida Marlins would likely show up at his front door minutes later.  While the Marlins would be a logical landing spot for Guillen, knowing the World Series winning manager’s fiery attitude, he might look to spurn his former team.

And sign with the Cubs.

It would be a long shot, but Guillen would be a good fit on the north side. The Cubs are underachieving as well this year, and both Mike Quade and Jim Hendry are on thin ice. The Cubs could bring in Guillen along with a general manager that will be on the same page with the polarizing figure.

Guillen has been trying to manage with a National League style in the American League since he began with the White Sox. The Cubs don’t have much speed as presently constituted, but neither did the White Sox team that Guillen won a World Series with.

The Cubs lack motivation, and Guillen is the best manager in the game at motivating his players. The young team the Cubs will trot out the next few years would likely respond well the Guillen’s fiery style.

Guillen would be a great tutor for young Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro as well. Castro needs to improve mentally on defense, and there might not be a better teacher than Guillen in that department.

Tom Ricketts would like adding Guillen, because there is no doubt that the manager would generate interest in the team and draw fans.

Whether or not Guillen would like to manage the Cubs is the big question. Guillen has openly criticized both the Cubs organization and Wrigley Field in the past. Who knows if spurning the White Sox would be enough motivation to land Guillen on the north side.

If Guillen signed with the Cubs, he would throw away his legacy with the White Sox. He was loved as a player and won a World Series as a manager, but going to the Cubs would make him the White Sox version of Brett Favre.

But as White Sox fans have no doubt learned by now, with Ozzie, anything can happen.