Should the Rose Bowl Choose Value or Tradition?

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

Sometimes you gain nothing by following tradition—if anything, you lose.


Tradition: The Big Ten is way down this year. USC demolished one of the top two teams, Ohio State.  The game between Ohio State and Penn State came down to the wire. You could say Penn State is not a part of the tradition because it only joined the conference in the recent history of the Rose Bowl.


Tradition: The Granddaddy of all the bowls has not been so grand of late.  The games have had little interest except to the fans and alums of the teams.


Value: There are going to be some very good teams from the SEC and Big 12 conferences. I am sure USC would love a crack at one of them. A win would bring some credibility back to the Pac-10. 


Value: A matchup in the Rose Bowl of the Pac-10 with either of these two conferences would be of enormous interest to the country. It could only add to the Pac-10’s history, not diminish it. USC versus Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Oklahoma would put the Rose Bowl at the top again.


Value: This is something the Rose Bowl committee should really look into. The press it would generate would bring in a lot of money.


It is time to put meaning back in the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl deserves it.