Mick Foley's Missing Ear and the 25 Most Painful Matches in Wrestling History

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Mick Foley's Missing Ear and the 25 Most Painful Matches in Wrestling History

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    Hello Folks! Welcome to another WWE slideshow

    We have Hell in a Cell matches, Elimination Chamber matches and Tables, Ladders and Chairs—the most painful matches, however, are the ones where legitimate injuries occurred.

    Many wrestlers just fight through the pain, but there are some injuries that are just so painful that the match must be stopped for the wrestler to be stretchered from the ring.

    I have compiled a list of matches where legitimate injuries occurred.

    Many of these videos are not for the faint of heart so be advised there are some graphic videos included of the actual injuries. Caution is advised. Other than that, please sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

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Kurt Angle Is Knocked out

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    Summerslam 2000 saw three of the biggest superstars at that time competing in a triple-threat match for the the WWF title.

    There was a lot of bad blood between Triple H and Kurt Angle, as the latter had been messing around with The Game’s wife.

    The match started before The Rock even came out, with the brawl culminating in a Pedigree on the announce table.

    For some reason, it broke too soon and Kurt had to go to the back after suffering a head injury. He returned later in the match to perform the scripted finish.  

Maven Breaks His Ankle

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    I couldn’t find a video for this but if you watch the wrap-up show of Tough Enough 1 & 2 then you will see how Maven broke his ankle.

    He tried to slide under his opponent and landed on it funny.

    It snapped back, and to Maven’s credit, he finished the match.

    It must have been excruciating pain.

Rey Mysterio Breaks Undertaker's Face

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    Mysterio broke the Undertaker’s face. He suffered a broken orbital bone from a sitting senton.

    Mysterio’s behind was shoved right into the Undertaker’s face with nowhere to go, and it broke the bone, resulting in the Undertaker’s face becoming a bit of a mess.

Big Show Breaks His Nose

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    Though this technically wasn’t a match, I’m sure you will forgive me. Getting punched by a boxer, especially when he hasn’t got gloves on, just has to be painful. This is what happened to the Big Show in 2008.

    Floyd Mayweather hasn’t mastered the art of kayfabe and protecting his opponent.

    Pfft, boxers...

Joey Mercury Breaks His Nose

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    How painful do you think having a steel ladder smashed into your face would be?

    Judging from Joey Mercury’s reaction, I would say very painful. He looked so disoriented when the ladder hit him and his face exploded.

    The state of his face on Raw the next night was ridiculous.

    It just shows what would really happen if the wrestlers didn’t protect themselves—they wouldn’t last two minutes.

Shawn Michaels' Back Injury

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    This painful match effectively ended Michaels wrestling career for four years.

    In a botched back flip over the top rope, Michaels hit his back on the casket and managed to do what was thought to be irreparable damage to his back.

    It looked painful, like when you scrape your back on the corner of something (obviously amplified).

    He must have felt sick after the impact, I know I would.

Randy Orton Breaks/Dislocates His Collar Bone

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    Orton, after being thrown out of the ring, broke/dislocated his collarbone.

    I have a friend who broke his collarbone who said it was extremely painful, and I’d say dislocations are probably one of the most painful things before a compound fracture when they're being put back in, not when it actually happens.

    Unless you take a bump like Orton.

Mankind Dislocates His Shoulder

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    If you haven’t seen this then you must be new to wrestling as I would say it is the most infamous clip in wrestling history.

    Mankind was thrown off the cell by the Undertaker in a shocking attempt to wow the fans in attendance. Though Mankind fell as perfectly as one could hope for, he still dislocated his shoulder.

    I wouldn’t like to know how much pain he was in. EMTs were legitimately called out and even the owner of the company came out to check on Mick Foley.

    Nevertheless, not wanting to make the fans think they’d wasted their money (as if they would!!) he scaled the 16-foot structure again, and went through it, giving himself a concussion and a couple of broken teeth to boot.

    A painful match to say the least.

Kevin Nash Tears His Quadricep

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    Kevin Nash botched walking over to the other team to teach them a lesson then dropped to the floor like a lead balloon.

    It turns out he managed to tear his quadriceps—in the same fashion as Triple H.

    It must have been really painful as he rolled out of the ring clutching his leg before the melee resulted in more damage.

John Cena Tears His Pectoral Muscle

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    Tearing any muscle would hurt, but Cena managed to tear his pectoral muscle.

    It looked painful and many were surprised when he was able to return so soon.

Hulk Hogan Tears His Kneecap

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    I don’t have a video of this incident but when Hogan was in WCW, he tore his kneecap in the middle of the ring.

    I can't remember where I read the following information so if it is recognisable, could someone please tell me so I can reference it.

    EMTs came down to the ring and stretchered Hogan off and were reportedly heard shouting “Don’t touch it!”


Triple H Tears the Muscles off His Legs

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    I don’t know whether I’d rather suffer a broken bone than what Triple H suffered through one night on Raw.

    In a match that featured other top stars such as Jericho, Triple H managed to tear his quadriceps muscles.

    I can’t imagine the pain.

    What makes this even more painful is that fact that he let Chris Jericho put him in his patented finisher, The Walls of Jericho.

Triple H Ruptures His Quadriceps Tendon

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    Triple H ruptured his quadriceps tendon at New Year’s Revolution 2007.

    Just saying that makes it sound painful.

    If the other time he did it is anything to go by you can expect it was.

    He was out of action for many months, leaving Shawn Michaels to wrap up the storyline.

Hardcore Holly Breaks His Neck

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    This is just one of a few cases where Brock caused injury to wrestlers.

    This time he ended up breaking Hardcore Holly’s neck.

    When lifting him up for a powerbomb, he didn’t manage to get him all the way up and for some reason, decided it would be a good idea to carry on with the manoeuvre and dropped Holly right on his neck, breaking it in the process.

    Hardcore Holly is as hard as they come, but this was a bit too much, even for him, and he was out of action for several months.

Masahiro Chono Breaks His Neck

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    Steve Austin foreshadowed exactly what would happen to him at the hands of Owen Hart when he broke Masahiro Chono’s neck because of a botched piledriver.

    Any broken neck has got to hurt hasn’t it?

Steve Austin Breaks His Neck

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    How Austin finished this match is beyond me.

    He suffered the same piledriver that he performed when he broke Masahiro Chono’s neck.

    Talk about karma! This resulted in him forfeiting the Intercontinental title.

    It also caused him to miss the second half of 1999 and most of 2000.

    Something tells me the WWF would have gone in an entirely different direction had Austin not been away.

    Either way, the broken neck must have really hurt.  

Taz Breaks His Neck

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    Taz broke his neck in ECW due to a spike piledriver from Dean Malenko and Too Cold Scorpio.

    As he explained in The Rise and Fall of ECW he walked to the hospital after the match and the doctors were flabbergasted at that fact, because he’d walked with a broken neck to casualty.

    Another man would not have been able to do that, but Taz is as hard as they come.

    I couldn't find the video I'm afraid.

Sabu Breaks His Neck

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    As told in The Rise and Fall of ECW, Paul Heyman never lied to his fans.

    When Sabu broke his neck he explained how. He was in a match with Chris Benoit and a throw/suplex went wrong, and Sabu landed on his head.

    This was only two minutes into the match.

    Breaking your neck has to be painful.

Mick Foley's Second Degree Burns

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    In this famous match that used to be used in vignettes for Cactus Jack, he wrestled on barbed wire, nails and C4 explosives—yeah, C4 explosives.

    Mick Foley suffered second-degree burns in one of these matches (I’m not sure if it is the one in the video but I assume so).

    You only have to watch the first 5 minutes to know it must be extremely painful.

    What really freaks me out is that these men chose to wrestle in these conditions!

Goldberg Ends Bret Hart's Career

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    We can attribute a rogue kick from Goldberg to ending Bret Hart’s career.

    The force of the kick is one thing, but the injury Bret suffered from it makes it extremely painful and therefore a painful match.

    Many have said that matches with Goldberg were likely to be painful because of how green he was in the ring.

Buff Bagwell Suffers a Horrendous Back Injury

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    Buff Bagwell, while in a match with Rick Steiner, suffered damage to several vertebrae after Steiner botched a diving bulldog.

    He developed Spinal Shock Syndrome from this injury.

    When the incident happened, all kayfabe was thrown out the window as Rick Steiner was shown setting up the stretcher for Buff Bagwell.

    It must have been extremely painful, as any bone break is, but especially breaking the back.

Cactus Jack Loses an Ear

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    This is probably the most identifiable feature of Mick Foley.

    He is missing an ear, and it is due to this incident in a match against Vader in 1994.

    Cactus purposely meant to get stuck in the ropes but because they were wound too tight, when the referee got him free, he lost his ear.

    The referee picks it up at 0.55. I don’t know what is more disturbing, the fact that the referee picked up the ear and put it in his pocket as the match continued, or the fact that the match continued!

    The pain that must have been going through Cactus’ ear must have been excruciating.

    Enjoy the video I found of the infamous event!

New Jack and Vic Grimes Fall off a Scaffold

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    In this first scaffold match from the two, they both fell of due to a miscommunication between each other.

    They both landed on the concrete floor and New Jack suffered brain damage and temporary blindness, while Vic landed on his head.

    This happened at ECW event, Living Dangerously 2000, but I couldn't find it.

New Jack Throws Vic Grimes off a Scaffold

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    Vic Grimes missed the 12 tables that were there to break his fall.

    New Jack claims he purposefully threw Grimes too far in order to kill him, as revenge for the botch in the previous slide. Fortunately, Grimes survived.

    There is a video of this fall.

    He landed on the ropes and dislocated his ankle.

Sid Vicious Breaks His Leg

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    This makes the top of my list as, it’s the only video on here that makes me slightly squeamish—and I like to think I have quite a strong stomach.

    Sid goes for a simple axe-handle and lands on his leg weirdly, snapping it in half—literally.

    I’ve never seen anything like it, it just flops.

    It’s a good job the other wrestler noticed otherwise Sid could have been in a whole lot more pain than that!

Thanks for Reading!

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    There you have it. The most painful matches in history—matches where legitimate injuries occurred.

    I hope those who made it to this slide enjoyed the read.

    Please leave a comment and I will get back to you tomorrow as I have no Internet in my new house!

    You already know I reply to all comments.

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    Thanks for reading!