Who Will Be the Washington Huskies' New Head Coach?

Ann BradyContributor IOctober 29, 2008

No one knows who the new coach for the Washington Huskies will be, but they will have a new coach.

Next season the coach WILL NOT be Tyrone Willingham. He still had a year on his contract and settled for a $1 million buyout.

The Huskies are now 0-7 with a 33-7 loss last Saturday to Notre Dame. Willingham got fired in 2004 after coaching three years to Notre Dame.

In four seasons with the Huskies, his record is 11-32, losing at least six consecutive games in each season. Washington currently has a nine-game losing streak.

Willingham never won five games in his first three seasons. The Huskies seemed on their way to a bowl game in 2006, going 4-1, but then lost six consecutive games. Last year Washington started 2-0 and then dropped six straight in a series of painstaking second-half collapses.

With a team full of freshmen and sophomores and Jake Locker's broken thumb, this season is on pace to be one of the worst schools in history.

Still, Willingham isn't ruling coaching out and thinks he can get another coaching job. He said, "I will not rule anything out."