The Phillies Deserved To Win

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 30, 2008

Despite what many baseball fans have been saying, it was the Phillies, not the Rays, who deserved to win the World Series. Know how I know that? Because they WON. And they won handly. This was no fluke. It was a very sound five-game victory. Not a drubbing, but not a squeaker.

I'm happy for the Phillies, mostly because I hate the Rays. I'm also happy for them because they're an organization that builds from within, while at the same time paying for the necessary players to complete the team. They don't overspend, and they don't cheap out their fans. Plus, they haven't won in while (since well before the Rays were a twinkle in MLB's figurative eye), so it's not like they've been hogging the spotlight recently. Their fans may be a little crazy, but they're passionate, which is more than can be said for the lackluster, UNDESERVING Rays fans. Oh, and I hate the Rays.

So, mazel tov to the Phils, mazel tov again to Cole Hamels, who won his second MVP award of the postseason. And now that this whole thing is over, let's all go back to our normal lives in which 9 = 9, like it should.