NFL Trade Rumors: What Every Interested Team Must Offer to Get Larry Fitzgerald

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IJune 28, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: What Every Interested Team Must Offer to Get Larry Fitzgerald

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    Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers our generation has seen, that's for sure. 

    He's not just a solid dude—he's a beast of a man, with great hands. He's a good route runner, and he's not afraid to go get the ball. 

    He may not have any big weakness. 

    And he could be a free agent next season. 

    So let's start speculatin'! 

    What in the world would it take to get Larry away from the desert? 

1. The Team Must Have a Solid, If Not Great, QB

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    This eliminates many of the teams in the NFL, even those with money to spend, from having any chance at getting him. 

    Fitzgerald was clearly, and deservedly so, not happy with Arizona's QB play last season. 

    Still, even then, he made the Pro Bowl. 

    I think that Larry really enjoyed playing with Kurt Warner, so I have to think he wouldn't want to play with a QB with a lot of Tom Brady maybe?

    I could be wrong.

    Either way, he wants a solid QB to play with, not a rookie or a veteran that's bounced around.  

2. The Team Must Have a Strong-Armed QB

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    Many of the great QBs have strong arms, but I think a few stand out a bit more. 

    These are guys like Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger perhaps (both were in the Super Bowl, ironically). 

    Still, even if the QB isn't spectacular, one who throws a solid deep ball would potentially attract Larry more than one who doesn't (like either of the Mannings—just an opinion).

3. The Team Must Be a Solid Organization

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    Larry admittedly doesn't like putting up with a ton of crap. 

    Thankfully, other than a few bad seasons in Arizona, he hasn't had to deal with a lot of locker room issues. 

    Teams like Cincinnati and Oakland immediately are gone with this one. 

4. They Have to Pay the Man!

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    As Deion Sanders likes to say, "Pay the man!"

    Arizona is going to pay top dollar to keep their biggest weapon. 

    So you're going to have to pay more than Arizona, not to mention all the suitors. 

5. The Team Must Be a Contender

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    Larry, just like any other player, wants to have a chance to win it all. 

    He had a chance with Arizona, but they couldn't beat the Steelers. 

    So this rules out about three-fourths of the NFL. 

    Again, it's going to be hard to get Larry away from Arizona, but if you have any chance, it's by having these five things.