Why the FCS Southern Conference is Better than the BCS Western Athletic Conference

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Why the FCS Southern Conference is Better than the BCS Western Athletic Conference

Now I know many of you may think I am crazy, but I happen to know a little about football no matter what any of you think. I am going to give my argument as to why the FCS Southern Conference is better than the BCS Western Athletic Conference.

For starters, most of the players in the Southern Conference come from the southeast, which is also known as the biggest football hotbed in the nation. Many of the players first attended an SEC or ACC school before they transferred to the FCS school. Transfer rules going from a BCS school to an FCS school does not call for a player to sit out a year.

After watching all the bowl games unfold as they did this year, it made me wonder if my school, the Georgia Southern Eagles, were as good as some of the BCS schools. While my Georgia Southern Eagles did play and lose to a dismal Colorado State team who had only three wins all season, they also beat the eventual three time champion Appalachian State at their place to break something like a 30-game home winning streak. Colorado State probably could of beaten half, if not more, of the teams out of the WAC—however they play in the MWC, which is much more competitive than the WAC.

Let's take a look at the records of both in this year's bowl games.

The MWC was (4-1) while the WAC was (1-3). In the one game these teams played against eachother, the MWC destroyed the WAC (New Mexico over Nevada 23-0).

If I am not mistaken, this same Nevada team took the mighty Hawaii Warriors right down to the wire, where Hawaii escaped with a last second field goal victory.

On the other hand, you have the Southern Conference, the most competitive out of the FCS. You have teams like The Citadel who put up 31 against Wisconsin, or Wofford who were the first to knock off App State after they had beaten Michigan. Then you have Georgia Southern, the most storied of all FCS teams, who ended App State's home winning streak. Then you have an up and coming Elon team, who played South Florida pretty tough at the beginning of the season, an always tough Furman team, and then of course the three time champion Appalachian State Mountaineers, who knocked off the fifth ranked Michigan Wolverines in the Big House the first game of the season. 

I would argue that the offenses and defenses of the Southern Conference rival those of the SEC with how quick they are. There are athletes all over the field. Personally, I would of rather had Walter Payton award winner Jayson Foster as the Quarterback of my team before Colt Brennan or anything the WAC had to offer. Even Armanti Edwards of Appalachian State is amazing.

The rushing games of this conference is a sight to see, most running some form of the option or veer, etc. When they run successfully, any defense struggles with them. Hawaii's defense and all the defenses of the WAC struggled against everybody this year.

Obviously, if there were any games ever scheduled between the two conferences, the emphasis from a fan's perspective would be offense. Every Southern Conference team put up big numbers this season, mostly in the form of running the football, while WAC teams prefer to pass.

I honestly think that if you matched up the teams from each league, that the Southern Conference would win over half the games. Call me crazy, but it's true.

The offenses from the Southern Conference are just too good for the WAC. Of course WAC offenses are considered to be good, because they play each other and neither team has a defense. Southern Conference team's appear not to have the greatest defense either, but they are much faster than those of the WAC and would slow them down. 

Maybe the gap between BCS and FCS is rapidly shrinking, and the talent level out of high school is getting better and better. Maybe high school coaches are getting athletes ready to play right of high school more. Maybe they are training them in such a way that they can compete and succeed on the highest of levels.

I am biased to the south, considering that I am from Georgia—but I believe the best and most competitive football is played here. Why do you think the SEC dominates every year? Necause all of the talent in this area wants to play for an SEC team.

Like I said before, many kids on Southern Conference teams have transferred from SEC schools. Not every great player can play at once, so they look elsewhere and they find the Southern Conference.

Hawaii was completely destroyed and overwhelmed by Georgia's defense (and offense for that matter). The last time Georgia Southern played the Georgia Bulldogs, they scored 35 on them. Obviously it was not the same personel, but they competed. Hawaii did not compete at all; they didn't even belong on the same field. Appalachian State beat a Michigan team who went on to beat Florida in their bowl game—so what does that say for the FCS?

To end my argument, I will say this: college football has become more and more exciting to watch after this season. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day, the talent gap between divisions is rapidly decreasing, and pretty soon there will be a good MADNESS amongst the college sports world.  

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